Any way to run a VPN Connection with Norton's Firewall? HELP

By CompFriend ·
I recently upgraded my computers and am back to battling how to get Norton's firewall to not disconnect a VPN after about a minute. Anyone know what firewall rule is required to allow Norton's to let VPN connections stay alive?

I am certain it is possible since I configured it almost a year ago, I just don't remember exactly what it was that got me over this hump.

I have added rules including:
Internal IP's
External IP's
VPN Issued IP's
Mac Addresses of both machines
ports 1723 and 47
All incoming and outgoing between the above trusted

Anyone have any tips that I may have forgotten? I called Nortn's and they were worthless on this one. I already know I should be getting a different solution, but this is what I have and I don't really have time to learn a new one right now. I am certain it 'can' work though since I've configured it twice in the past. Anyone have the missing config I am looking for?

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