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    Anybody having Skype problems?


    by master3bs ·

    A tech friend and I use Skype for IM and telephone to each other. As of last week we are able to see each other; but not receive calls or IM’s.

    We’re both working on our respective ends to resolve it; so this isn’t a Q/A (yet) but I wondered if any other Skype users here are having the same problems.

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      Home or work?

      by myplums ·

      In reply to Anybody having Skype problems?

      Nope, seems really bombproof software upto now. Is either one of you (or both) using skype thru your corporate network or home?

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        by jepott ·

        In reply to Home or work?

        I use Skype both at Home and at Work. I have not had any problems connecting to another friend only to masters3bs. I am the head (actually the only) IT guy at my work and I know nothing is being blocked on my end.

        Masters3bs – any news on the router out by you?

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          Reply To: Anybody having Skype problems?

          by master3bs ·

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          I’m the only IT person here; but it is a government facility (state) and we work in cooperation with another government agency (county.) The county owns the router and won’t allow me access to it.

          However, I have verified that nothing has been specifically blocked. All outgoing ports are working. I am told it is possible that an automated QoS system could be blocking it. If that is the case; they cannot or will not correct the problem for me.

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