Anybody know how to do Portforwarding on Watchguard

By oz_cast ·
I have a Firebox X750e and I dont know anything about this boxes. I need to do port forwarding on it to be able to use VNC.
Can anybody please assist.

Thank you


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I don't know anything

by NetMan1958 In reply to Anybody know how to do Po ...

about Firebox but I was just curious whether you solved that duplicate name issue?

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by oz_cast In reply to I don't know anything

I have not.. still there after the reboot.. not sure what the problem is. none of my machines have a dup name or IP.. can't seem to find out where the problem is.

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What? No thumbs up?

by jdclyde In reply to Did you see

Mr. Oz, if people are helpful, it is courteous to mark the replies as such. B-)

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I will look in the morning

by jdclyde In reply to Anybody know how to do Po ...

I have a 550, but setup wise, it is the same.

When I get into work in the morning, I will take a look.

Posting this now, so I will be able to fine this then..... B-)

The longer I have the watchguard, the more I miss my SonicWall.

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Anybody know how to do Portforwarding on Watchguard

by oz_cast In reply to I will look in the mornin ...

I hate the watchguard box, but I came into this company and they already had it. I know more about Cisco than this box.
hope you can assist. Thank you

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I see it is set as a proxy

by jdclyde In reply to Anybody know how to do Po ...

but don't remember exactly how right now.

this is the single worst piece of crap firewall I have ever seen, and the FIRST graphical firewall that you can't just sit down and use.

The support sucksass as well as their site, too. X-(

I will try to look at it closer this afternoon. Sorry nothing good to report yet.

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by oz_cast In reply to I see it is set as a prox ...

I was playing around with watchguard and finally figured out how to do portforwarding.

Not sure if it works the same way on all watchguards but this is for a Frebox x750e

1:log into watchguard
2:open Policy Manager
3: select the + sign or edit add policy
4: Under Add Policy select New
5: Name your New Policy Template my case VNC
6: whatever you want under description.
7: Under Protocols select Add
8: Type: my case again "Single Port"
9: Under Protocol: TCP
10: Server Port: my case 5500
11: select OK. then OK again. thats just to create a template of the port you want to forward. Then you have to do the following.

12:under Add Policies you are going to see a folder name Custom. You should see the template you created. My case VNC.

13:Select the policy and click on add way at the bottom of that box.

14:the Tab Policy : From remove any-Trusted and Add: ANY.

15: To: select Add should use Add NAT make sure you know what your external IP address is.

16 Internal IP: the computer you want to use to forward your port.

17: Port 5500 click on to all and save.

thats all I had to do.. kinda of blindly but it worked for my 10th tried.



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by jasunto In reply to Anybody know how to do Po ...

It works... gj Oz.

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