Anybody scanning to Sharepoint?

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Yeah, I copied and pasted this from a reply to a "Sharepoint Poll" discussion.

I'm trying to migrate our users off our out-date document management system and onto Sharepoint, but I'm running into a snag. The majority of the documents my users store in the current DMS are scanned .TIFs and .PDFs. The interface on our current system will control the user's desktop scanner, import the image, and allow the user to enter the document all from one application. So far I haven't been able to find a way to do that in SP. It looks like the user has use a scanning / imaging app to scan the document and save it temporarily as a stand-alone file, then use IE and go to the appropriate SP library and upload the file, then delete the temporary version.

The software that came with our scanners doesn't interface with SP. It doesn't look like MS Office 03 or 07 Document Scanning or Document Imaging tools interface completely with SP either. I can save to the SP library with them, but I can't enter the metadata during the save, and that's critical to searching the library. Instead, a user has to go to the library and enter the metadata for the file as a separate operation, after the save is complete. The user must switch back and forth between SP to enter the metadata, and the imaging app so he can see the contents of the file to know what metadata to enter. eCopy Desktop / Paperworks, our preferred scanning apps, behaves the same way, saving to SP but without opportunity to enter the metadata.

In short, does anyone know of an solution for scanning to SP? The major Office apps have interfaces with it, but apparently MS assumes the world has already gone paperless; the Document Imaging / Scanning tools have been removed from Office 10 completely.

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Blatant bump. No text.

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Thanks, but

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none of the three versions list Sharepoint integration among their feature sets. Also, none say anything about controlling a desktop scanner.

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