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Anybody seen this one before?

By jdmercha ·
I have a monitor that works fine except, it will not be recognized at startup. So if I boot up the computer I do not get any kind of display with this monitor. However, if I boot up the system with an identical monitor attached then switch to the 'broken' monitor while the system is still running, the 'broken' monitor will run fine. At least until I reboot the machine again.

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I've seen it, but...

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Anybody seen this one bef ...

I didn't bother to research it. The machine in question is rarely rebooted, just powered on and off. I did find that the monitor will start displaying if I just turn it off and back on without having to disconnect / replace it.

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not a Dell by chance ?

by pounder_arthur In reply to I've seen it, but...

Is the machine in question a Dell ?

About a year ago I was asked to take a look at a friends machine where she was experiencing a similar difficulty with her Dell desktop.

When I opened the case there were pools of brown liquid in the bottom of the tower, where the flux had leaked from the capacitors; this caused overheating, and periodic power cycling where on reboot the monitor would not respond, or the graphics card had failed but if shutdown for a while everything would work correctly.

Just a thought


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Yes it is a Dell

by jdmercha In reply to not a Dell by chance ?

It is a Dell 17" FP that is still under warranty. They're sending me out a new one tomorrow. But there is no problem with the motherboard. There was a run of GX260's that had some bad capacitors. I came accross one of those a while ago.

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