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Anybody still using AT&T 3B computers?

By Bergy ·
I worked for AT&T in the 1980's when they brought out their UNIX product line, the 3B2/5/20 series running UNIX System V. They also brought out another system called "The UNIX PC". I was wondering if any of you old-timers ever used one of these systems and if any of them are still in use today.

Any other stories about old computer gear would also be interesting.


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Old Machine

by mjd420nova In reply to Anybody still using AT&T ...

The AT&T units were a fair knock-off of the IBM
PC, I wasn't impressed by the amount of plastic
they used compared to the IBM PC. It wasn't too long after that when Compaq started and so did Dell. Then DEC started there small mainframes
and IBM started replacing their mainframe
terminals with plastic cased units and they
developed cards for the PC to emulate the
terminals and then along came ethernet.
That was a long time ago, many, many old
monitors under the bridge.

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Unix PC

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Anybody still using AT&T ...

Haven't seen one for about 15 years, but you might want to check-out small colleges. When the Unix PC didn't sell AT&T sold off their remaining stock to colleges. The problem with the Unix PC is that the standard hard drive was 10M, it couldn't hold all of Unix and XWindows. Towards the end of the product line, however, there were some produced with 40M drives.

Also, depending where you are you might want to consider fea markets and computer shows. I once saw a PDP 11/45 at one. Good luck.

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I started off with an AT&T

by bpsull In reply to Anybody still using AT&T ...

When my family got our first ever computer at home (given to my father by the university that employed him at the time, and which continued to employ him until his retirement a few years ago) it was an AT&T desktop (this was 1985 or so). Unfortunately it was donated to a school in the early 90's and we didn't think to retain any thing of it. It gave me my introduction to computing and served me well in my most formative years.

If you're interested in any that are still in use or even in trying to acquire one, try taking a look at

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Need some help

by frvr In reply to Anybody still using AT&T ...

I have acquired a 3B2/300. I have several System V R3 & R4 manuals, unfortunately the OS on the 3B2 is not functional. If anyone knows where I can purchase Unix System V R2, R3 or R4, I would greatly appreciate it.

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