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Anyone done MAC address authentication with IAS?

By 7tech ·
I want to add centralized MAC address authentication to our wireless network to keep the overhead of allowing/disallowing MAC's low. Any ideas?

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by DC_GUY In reply to Anyone done MAC address a ...

You should post this on one of the Mac technical websites. Start with . I've never seen a Mac question get much action on TR. Most Mac enthusiasts are not IT professionals and probably don't even know about TR.

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Apple Macs and MAC Addresses

by In reply to

Most Apple Macs have MAC addresses.

But, not all MAC addresses belong to Apple Macs!

:-) :-) :-)

To the original question: This would have to be a feature built into the WAPs where the table of MACs is automatically propagated from a "master" WAP to the "slave" WAPs. I don't know of any that do this but I'm not that experienced with a many-WAP network.

Suggestion: If you set up your network such that all WAP traffic eventually got routed through one wired router, that one router could be the place where the MAC table is maintained.

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Are you serious?

by jfranks214 In reply to

DC_GUY: You're listed as an IT consultant, but clearly have no idea what a MAC address is.

Furthermore, most of the programmers, and ALL of the UNIX professionals that I have ever met are, as you put it "Mac enthusiasts". This is irrelevant to the topic at hand, however, since MAC addresses have absolutely nothing to do with Apple.

To the OP: You can use a RADIUS server to authenticate via MAC address, however, MAC filtering is extremely weak security, and should not be considered to enhance the overall security of your wireless network. RADIUS authentication of users coupled with strong encryption, good policies, and in a best case scenario machine certificates will provide a level of security sufficient for most settings.

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Forgot MAC trucks....

by CG IT In reply to Are you serious?

they aren't Macs and don't even have a Mac address....

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Or even a big MAC attack <nt>

by Michael Jay In reply to Forgot MAC trucks....
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This one has too many Handles

by gcdimarketing In reply to Are you serious?

I started to form a reply and got side-tracked by all the possibilities, but I'll try anyway:
1. DC - isn't that where politicians go to play?
2. IT might mean something different there?
2a. Ignorant Twit comes to mind..
and I think that will do for now, I have work to do.

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