Anyone else having AVG problems?

By gadgetgirl ·
- or are they just picking on my area?!

I'm the third person I know that has had the following problem:

update tries to run as normal, then fails to connect. In the time it takes to do that it comes up with an outdated database. Tried again, same thing.

Left it a couple of hours, tried again same thing.

Then - uninstalled AVG (8.0, build 224) went back to AVG and downloaded and installed again (again V8.0, build 336)

it's doing the same damn thing!

THAT version wouldn't even let me on the 'net. Wireless connection was fine, no firewall problems, just a blank page.....

I've installed an alternative, but I'd like to get back to AVG as I'm more used to it, and I trust it.

Anyone else come across this?

For info: haven't installed new hardware/software/anything for the past 4 weeks, haven't changed ANY settings, haven't done nuttin'.... honest.

Acer TravelMate 4220, Win XP SP3, all spybot/ad checkers etc ran clean last Sunday morning..... AVG failed on me around 12 hours ago


Additional info: just checked, and the three of us are all on different ISP's, if that's any help to any of us!

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sounds like fun!

by brian In reply to Anyone else having AVG pr ...

I have ran across this problem before (kind of). What I did to resolve it was download and run CCleaner (, ComboFix (from, and Clean UP (, and SmitFraud Fix ( I ran all of those, cleaned the registry with the CCleaner registry fix, then re-installed AVG after rebooting the system. After the AVG re-install, it seemed to work fine. Turned out that there was a temp file or something that was part of antivirus 2009 (that nasty spyware antivirus software) causing massive problems with the antivirus software, not letting it connect to the internet. It is worth a shot (just remember to update SmitFraud Fix and Combofix before running them and run them in normal mode, just make sure to backup your files just incase something goes wrong).

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oh, it's been hilarious.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to sounds like fun!

if I'd have carried on any longer, I would have been bald by the time it came to the TR do......

Thanks for the suggestions Brian. I'll leave it for a few more replies before going this route (see explanation in Boxy's post below) I thought I'd seen something about AVG but wasn't certain....

Will stash those links for safekeeping though - thanks!


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They are nice programs...

by brian In reply to oh, it's been hilarious.. ...

Even if it doesn't work for you on this or you don't use it, those programs are awesome for some spyware and virus removal (smitfraud and combofix are great for that nasty antivirus 20xx bull that is out there)! CCleaner and CleanUp4.0 are great for temp file removal, cookie removal, and registry cleaning (this one is just ccleaner). Best of luck to you on this problem!

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Seems to me

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Anyone else having AVG pr ...

that CaptBillyOneEye and a few others reported problems with AVG 8 in the fairly recent past (it would have to be as my mind seems to be incapable of getting to anything but the fairly recent past ).

Consider this an informative bump.
(More informative than you may have wanted... )

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Welcome to your 100th thumb! :-bd

by gadgetgirl In reply to Seems to me

I thought I'd seen something about that, but in my exhausted state (dipstick woke me after 2 hours) I thought I may have imagined it, and as the search function on here is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, I posted the q....

thanks, twinnie!

Always need info.....


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Welcome to your 100th thu ...

Ain't you just a sweetie!

After work, I'll try to see if I can find it.


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nuther thumb for tipping off the Cap!

by gadgetgirl In reply to :x

thank you Boxy!


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My ears were ringing....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Seems to me

Thanks for the reference, Boxie. Yep... I'm still here. ... just not as often as I used to be or would like to be. Maybe once I get both sets of parents all settled in their new assisted-living digs, my life will return to 'normal' and I can drop in more often.

My issues with AVG were more performance related, but I do recall several times that it was difficult to update. Although, I have to say I never experienced what you described.

The thread that Boxie was referring to is here:

I've been extremely pleased with AVAST! and now use it on all my rigs.

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I've been using Avast!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to My ears were ringing....

for several years now with no issues. I like it well enough that I moved my users at one of my jobs to it.

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Funny, last ear -- Avast

by The Scummy One In reply to I've been using Avast!

put out a patch and it tweaked my system. Suddenly things were being found and installing that were not connected -- like Xbox 360, etc.. I went around and made sure what was connected, and looked through logs to see if anything was coming into my system through the network, rebooted the cable modem and router -- reset some router configs (like PW), and all kinds of shlt. Couldnt access Yahoo -- however other sites worked. After over an hour I googled the problem, and found that there was currently a flood of the same issues going on, and Avast update, and Avast acknowledeg the problem and stated a patch would be implemented shortly.

As for AVG -- I have few problems, and it was working fiine thi smorning for me.

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