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Anyone else having trouble with Chrome 24 and TR?

By Slayer_ ·
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I'm reduced to using IE9 now....
Chrome 24 is refusing to load blogs from discussions, or expand comments or replies.

And Firefox 18 doesn't open replies either.

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The FF18 problem is well documented,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Anyone else having troubl ...

and it continues in 18.1 and the new 19. TR has filed a bug report. You can downgrade to 17; it works here.

This is the first I've heard of the Chrome problem. It sounds like the same symptoms as FF. I was thinking of trying Chrome but not if it won't load this place.

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I'm at the mercy of Avant

by Slayer_ In reply to The FF18 problem is well ...

I really like Avant's newest features, but it comes with Chrome 24 and FF18 so I'm stuck

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Firefox 19.0.2

by cmiller5400 In reply to The FF18 problem is well ...

Is still broke as well... But Wizard's trick about open in new tab/window seems to work...

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Thanks for the warning.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Firefox 19.0.2

I was going to try it at home tonight. Ah, well...

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I found a way to get Firefox 18.0.1 to open replies...

I sometimes use FF18 in the new Slax 7 (as I am now), and to reply to
your post I had to right click and open in new tab...clunky, but it works.
Most of the time I'm in Opera 11.64 (both Windows and Linux) or
sometimes IE8 in XP or IE9 in 7, none of those seem to have problems
with replies. I had to right click-open in new tab to edit this post in FF
after posting, to correct spelling error. I prefer Opera, but with Opera
going to webkit and V8, same as countless others, not sure what I'll
use, FF seems slow to me.

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What, Opera is going to webkit

by Slayer_ In reply to I found a way to get Fire ...

Thats disappointing.

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Yep, Opera is going with Webkit and V8

The same day they announced reaching 300 million users, they announced
the switch to Webkit. Also, a rather large number of long-time developers
accepted a "severance package" and are leaving Opera ASA. The Presto
engine and Carakan JavaScript engine are being dropped. That leaves
us with 3 major web browser engines...Trident in Internet Explorer,
Gecko in Firefox/Mozilla and Webkit in almost everything else. Guess
you could use Dillo, I do on occasion, but it's not really a general purpose
web browser. I had been wondering why the version 12XX Opera releases
didn't really have anything better than 11.64 as far as stability and
rendering, which is why I stick with 11.64. By the way, I made my own
module for Slax 6.1.2 and Slax 7 of Opera 11.64 build 1403.
Maybe it's just me, but it seems the "web" is moving right back to a similar
situation we had just a few years ago, where websites were optimized for
IE6, but substituting Webkit...all it will take is one serious flaw and any
number of users would be affected. I'm a bit leary of this trend...I still
think the Any Browser campaign is a good idea!

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That sucks as I find webkit a bit slower

by Slayer_ In reply to Yep, Opera is going with ...

With Avant I can run comparisons really easy by just right clicking and changing renderer. IE9 is like 4 times slower than webkit, and webkit seems to stutter a lot compared to firefox. Firefox likes to outright freeze for a 10 seconds at a time then resume and keep going.

I just noticed im running FF12 and Chrome 19 at home. I guess I should update one day.

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I've downloaded the 32 bit versions of both 11.64 and 12.14

of Opera for both Windows and Linux...saving them for posterity I
guess, though there are archives of old releases available they are
sometimes hard to find. My biggest issue is, other than the move
to "mono-culture", is the download size of other browser installers/
packages. These later releases of Opera weigh in a about 10 to 11
megs...most of the webkit browsers I've looked at start out over 35
megs! And they call these "lightweight"??? Show me ANY other
browser that can perform as well as Opera w/Presto at the same
size, and I'll give it a try. Most of the so called "lightweight" browsers
are merely "shells" that run on top of some other browser being
installed, such as the numerous IE shells. Looks to me that webkit
is becoming the new IE, and people will accept it flaws and all just
because. I've spent over 15 years using Opera, and still have a
license for Win3X version 3.62 as well as Win95 version 5.12!
By the way...yes, I saved my zip installer files for those as well!
Version 3.62 will fit on a 3.5 in diskette! Come to think of it, I may
even have both 16 and 32 bit versions of 3.62...anyway.
If you run across any true small lightweight browsers for Linux and/or
Windows, I'd appreciate a heads-up!

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Also strange, Opera mobile is refusing to stay logged in here

by Slayer_ In reply to Anyone else having troubl ...

Anyone have any idea why or how to fix it?

Chrome mobile just flat out isn't working anymore since the last update.

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