Anyone experience in Windows 2007 where certain websites will not open?

Our agency just purchased 4 new computers that have Windows 2007, IE 9.0. This is our first exposure to Windows 2007 and IE 9.0. All our existing computers are Windows XP with IE 8.0. Everything is working fine accept that our our agency website and facebook will not open. We receive the message that the website cannot be viewed. These are the only two website, so far, that have this issue and this is true on all four new computers. I can open both website on the old Windows XP with IE 8.0.

I have loaded Chrome on one of the new computer and on the intial attempt I was able to open the agency website but never again. I have disabled antivirus and firewall with no change. I have played with the SSL and TLS settings in IE, no change. I've uninstalled Spybot, no change. I've disabled Protective Mode in IE 9.0 with no positive results. I've added the websites to Trusted Sites, no change.

I can ping the website using the website name and by using its IP address. I have attempted to connect to the agency's website using the IP Address with no luck. I have googled our website and then attempt to open through the link with no luck.

Has anyone experienced this and have a solution?

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Have you looked at the Security Settings in IE?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Anyone experience in Wind ...

That I would imagine is your Issue.


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Reponse To Answer

by VCHD_IT In reply to Have you looked at the Se ...

Yes, I have checked IE settings. I recently brought in a personal laptop with Window 2007. From home on our network the laptop was able to open the website in question. At my office through the local network and through the wireless network it could not connect to the website.

It appears to have something to do with the DNS. I contacted our provider and they suggested that I connect a window 2007 box directly to the modem/gateway. I did and the 2007 box was able to open the website. So the issue is somewhere after the modem.

We have a CISCO Pix firewall. I'm wondering if it could be creating come kind of road block to the website.

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Missing plug-ins

by robo_dev In reply to Anyone experience in Wind ...

Does your web site use Adobe Flash for animation?

I would bet either JAVA is not installed properly or Adobe Flash is not setup on the PC.

Goto and see if java is working. Adobe has a site to test Flash.

Clear the web browser cache completely, clear active logins, restart the browser
Run the browser without add-ons and plugins
Check if other sites load, e.g. check if loads

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Reponse To Answer

by VCHD_IT In reply to Missing plug-ins

No the website does not use any animation. Java appears to be working OK. I have cleared the browser cache and ran the browser without add-on still unable to connect to the website.

I have tried using an alternative DNS address with no luck.

I have tried Chrome and Firefox with the same outcome accept in Chrome once the initial connection fails Chrome presents an option to "Reload". Sometimes when I hit the reload option the website will open.

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I agree with Hal, it's probably a security settings in the Internet Options

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Anyone experience in Wind ...

the two most likely it could be are the zone setting or it could be to do with the security certificate setting.

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system time

by hikari_elvira In reply to Anyone experience in Wind ...

can you give us the exact message that you are getting? it might be the system time is wrong

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Reponse To Answer

by VCHD_IT In reply to system time

The message states that the website slow in responding.

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by SysWarTech In reply to Anyone experience in Wind ...

Does it work for anyone on Win7/IE9 outside of your network (or is it not available to Joe Public)?
Do you use a proxy server?
Have you supplied the necessary proxy settings?
If so (and the website is on an intranet), have you configured the proxy exceptions?
Check your route table & trace route: ROUTE PRINT, TRACERT - make sure the correct gateway is involved.

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by SysWarTech In reply to Anyone experience in Wind ...

Does your network firewall have a rule which only allows http traffic for certain fixed IP addresses (or certain hostnames)?
Have you tried the IE9 compatibility view or hitting F12 & trying different browser modes?

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Reponse To Answer

by VCHD_IT In reply to More...

We have a CISCO Pix Firewall which I have no experience with. An outside consultant set it up years ago. I am consulting with him to see if the PIX is causing the issue.

I have tried the IE 9 compatability with no luck.

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