Anyone good with Office 2007?

By Kenone ·
I've already set the default save format in Word to .doc but when a user clicks save and then Save as a Microsoft Word Document it automatically defaults back to .docx. Is there a way to change this behavior or, alternatively, remove the "Microsoft Word Document" choice from the "Save" menu?

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Maybe one of these

by seanferd In reply to Anyone good with Office 2 ...
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That second link contained some helpful info

by Kenone In reply to Maybe one of these

Seems to have worked! Thanks!

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I ran into the issue quite a while ago

by OH Smeg In reply to That second link containe ...

And I've since been told to Set Policies in AD on the server to save as Word .Doc.

Not an option as the places that where using this didn't have a server and after every Patch Tuesday the Default was changed back to DocX which wasn't suitable as this place submitted Electronic tenders to Government Departments and they required the tenders to be in .DOC format. They couldn't read DOCX and immediately dumped the tender.

They now use Office 2003 as the risks are negotiable that any Tender that they submit will not be possible to be read by the receiver.


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by seanferd In reply to I ran into the issue quit ...

One more reason everyone needs an AD environment. Even for a single NB.

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OH it got even better when M$ got involved

by OH Smeg In reply to Awesome.

They told this place to buy a new network printer because the new one that they had didn't have Vista Drivers. Apparently Canon didn't develop drivers for OS's not available when they built their Photocopiers and added the RJ45 Interface.

So not only did they need a AD Environment for the 3 NB's they also needed to replace a $50,000.00 Photocopier come Network Printer which was under 6 months old so that they could use their $1,500.00 NB's.

I'm not overly bright but for some strange reason they chose the cheap option and demanded to go with older versions of M$ products. I can't understand why they did that after all they only would have required about $52,000.00 and a 6 month wait to get the new hardware.


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These sound like

by seanferd In reply to OH it got even better whe ...

very picky people. Sound like a bunch of whiny ABMers. :^0

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I have to agree

by OH Smeg In reply to These sound like

They where rather silly in not scraping all that Old Stuff and replacing it with new. :0

But at least unlike one of the other places they didn't sick their Dog onto the Guy from M$. I saw a Guy from Daewoo showing the State Sales Rep here how the Koreans did things. The Sucker Potential Customer took things badly when he had his intelligence insulted and set his dog onto the Guy from Daewoo. :^0

Probably not a good idea to be seen laughing but I couldn't help it. I knew what was coming and that guy couldn't be told any differently.


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That's one way to say, "No", I suppose.

by seanferd In reply to These sound like

Maybe a tad extreme. :0

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by seanferd In reply to That second link containe ...

Here's hoping it stays that way.

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