Anyone had any problems importing Outlook Express 6

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
Mail Folders into Outlook 2003 running on a Windows 7 Platform?

I just tried it today from a Data Store after changing a computer over and Outlook was unable to import either the Stored Messages or Address Book.


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This being

by santeewelding In reply to Anyone had any problems i ...

Of a magnitude to daunt and frustrate one such as yourself, I am helpless with my sorry state of knowledge.

Here's wishing it were otherwise, if that helps.

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Well I didn't notice at the time that the Import didn't happen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to This being

Well not quite right the steps that it should have gone through went smoothly but when I reassembled the old system I did notice that there where additional Folders which had not appeared in Outlook.

As I don't have the unit here I'm not overly concerned just sort of Interested. So I thought I'd ask here as I don't want to go through the File Transfer Wizard type of thing as this is a original 98 system. Personally I think that the user is going to have enough trouble getting to grips with the way that the new system works and after all it's only the stored E-Mail that is in question here everything else was moved in easily. Well sort of if you consider it was a day latter and 150 KMS away.


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You know, HAL.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Anyone had any problems i ...

If you hadn't let your primary circuits degrade so badly by refusing to return to Earth for regularly scheduled maintenance, you'd not have this problem. :^0

Sorry Col, I gave up Outlook Express years ago. Haven't fiddled in Win7 yet, either. I simply could not resist an opening of this magnitude.

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Well what can I say Davette

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You know, HAL.

How about what's that noise behind you is it a Airlock Door opening?

But more seriously I just hit this yesterday and I have since reassembled the old system by refitting the HDD to it and exported to Outlook 2000 from Outlook Expires. I then Archived the Outlook Files and hopefully they'll import to the 7 system. I've imported to Outlook numerous times in the past and this time the only difference was that the OS was 7 not XP.

So I thought it was something to do with 7 newer Security settings even though I did have to enter the Admin Password to get the correct permissions to do this. I didn't imply that I was beat just wondering if anyone else had seen this.

I'm actually still using OE not because I really want to but because several of the bigger clients want to use it. I got to the stage using Thunderbird that I was forgetting the Outlook and OE system so I've returned to OE because it's what they use. :_|

But at least in this case I saw it as an opportunity to get this End User off OE and into Outlook. That can't be such a bad thing can it? :^0


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So then

by shasca In reply to Anyone had any problems i ...

This is the same system that had the corrupt .dbx file last week? Trying to import said problem child, or is another new O2k3 issue picking on you??

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Different machine this time

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to So then

That other one was a new NB with XP on it and belonged to a Surgeon who I dare not upset if I can avoid it.

This one runs 98 Original with the Plus Pack and Office 2000.

I just initially put it down to something to do with 7 not wanting to play nice with me because I'm so Nice. :^0

Then when I went to import into Outlook I was reliably informed that I needed a Office 2000 Disc so I loaded a copy of 2003 onto the system as it was easier to find that Disc. After all I had only used it a couple of days previously where as with the 2000 Disc I have not used that in years and moved twice so as I'm lazy I opted for the easiest solution. Well considering that it's the original 98 with 128 MEG of RAM and using the On Board Video I did fit a AGP Video Card which I had laying around so I didn't have to wait quite so long. I didn't even bother looking for some SD RAM because I'm lazy.

Anyway the OE files imported directly into Outlook 2003 so it has to be something to do with 7 as they didn't import into 7 with the same version of Office.

I personally think that M$ products are out to get me this week.


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What kind of MORON are you

by I'm ORAC In reply to Anyone had any problems i ...

M$ doesn't have a Upgrade Path from 98 to 7 so why would you attempt to move data from such an old Obsolete system to a State of the Art Perfect Platform like 7?

Any idiot knows that you must move from 98 to 2000 then to XP and then Vista before finally moving to 7. Why are you supporting those who steal from Microsoft by not upgrading every year? Who would use such an Obsolete system as 98 anyway?

Next you'll be telling us that you have some DOS systems that you still support on a Token Ring Network. Shees people who use Obsolete Software like this get exactly what the deserve.

You need to buy a Upgrade Disc from 98 to 2000 then another upgrade to XP then another Upgrade Disc to Vista and then finally a 7 Upgrade Disc. Don't you want to keep Microsoft in Business?

Then why are you supplying a machine with Office 2003 on it what's wrong with Office 2007? It's really much better.

By allowing the customer to steal from MS like this you are slowing down the development of new Software from MS as they need the money so badly to develop new products. Get with the program and stop giving your customers what they want and sell them at an enormous profit what MS thinks they need.

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Not upgrading

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What kind of MORON are yo ...

is not stealing. Moron.

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Interesting concept Davette isn't it?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not upgrading

Because a company brings out a new product and you don't buy it you are stealing from that company.

Must work for M$ or have shares in it and they are complaining that their Dividends are way down. :^0

Col :^0 :^0

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Bump. EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Interesting concept Davet ...

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