Anyone have any experience with a Samsung CLP-500 Laser Printer?

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
I have one here that is claiming that the Waster Toner Cartridge is Full or not fitted.

Only started happening after the last Waste Toner Cartridge was replaced and I did try another one and cleaning any waste toner off the Sensor for the Waste Toner Cart. I haven't looked any deeper or spent any time other than a Quick look see and the normal replacement procedure of fully opening he Toner Cover to reset the system.

Not urgent as I can still print a few pages at a time before it errors out and I have not had any time to actually read the Service Manual for it in any detail other than looking at the Fault Fixing bit which says replace the Waste Toner Cartridge. DUH how obvious can you be really?

Just if anyone has had any experience with these it might save me a bit of time which I don't really have at the moment. The unit has had little use and is only on the third set of Toner Cartridges though it is used to print full color DVD Covers and a little bit of Text.

]edit I should have said it's mine and I do have the service manual for it and that it's been like this for a few weeks now so I'm not loosing any sleep over it.


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You gotta clean out ALL the toner....

by robo_dev In reply to Anyone have any experienc ...

You need to get a piece of kitchen paper towel and a bent coat hanger and clean the inside of the sensor window (inside the used toner cartridge - w/ access through the toner port). It looks like a little raised groove on the right. Just wipe it until it's clear on the inside. BINGO - the sensor can now see through the window and you should be ok.

(above info shamelessly stolen from where a whole forum topic on CLP-500 'waste toner errors' has emerged)

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No that's not the problem here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You gotta clean out ALL t ...

There is a new Waste Toner Tank in the unit which has absolutely no toner in the Unit at all. Though as there is an optical Sensor here I did clean out the optics of the Sensor in case any Toner had covered this or otherwise interrupted the passage of light through the Tank.

On reflection I'm not sure that the Waste Toner Tank was ever fully filled as it is supposed to be good for about 10,000 copies and I have been replacing about 3 tanks to one set of 5,000 Toner Cartridges. I just put this down to the work that it was doing as the DVD Covers have a lot more toner than a normal Color Text Page has.

You also have to open the Toner Cartridges Cover all the way to reset the Monitor for the Waste Toner cartridge which is under another cover at the front of the unit. Just a bit of a nuisance as I think that it's the Waste Toner Sensor at fault here which could either be too bright or too dull as when the Waste Toner Tank isn't fitted the unit shouldn't even warm up to the stage when any Waste Toner left in the system gets emptied into the Waste Toner Tank. I'm assuming this is measured by the Brightens of the Optical Sensor which requires some interference in the form of the Tank to see that the Waste Toner Tank is present.

As I have a New Waste Toner Cartridge fitted which was only purchased the day that the last one was showing full I'm not sure if Samsung has changed the materials used to make the Tanks or if the Optical Sensor has gone to Silicon Heaven.

I haven't been able to get an answer out of the Samsung Wholesalers here but as they do not have Support Techs I never really expected to get much help there.

Maybe I should empty the old tank out and clean it up and see if that works. I was just wondering if any one knew of any issues that may have cropped up recently with these.

Of course if I had more time I could strip it down and see if there was a build up of waste toner anywhere in the system and things like that. I just haven't had the time or opportunity to do much to it since this problem started.


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Anyone have any ideas? <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to No that's not the problem ...
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Get out your pliers

by Jacky Howe In reply to Anyone have any ideas? <N ...

Cutting the blue and red wires on either side of the sensor and connecting them together like pcrmike suggested has been the best solution so far.

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Maybe a couple of Santa's elves too ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Get out your pliers

To climb in, dismantle the horseshoe assembly and find those wires. That is one cramped but long-reach space.

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Or just get a small flashlight, turn it on, and drop it into the toner tank

by robo_dev In reply to Get out your pliers

It should work for at least 12 hours, depending on the battery type.

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Now here is how to get it to work

by Jacky Howe In reply to Anyone have any ideas? <N ...

Just send in the Elf with the Flashlight and the Pliers and problem solved.

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by OH Smeg In reply to Now here is how to get it ...

I'll pull the cover today and disconect the wires either side of the sensor. If I get the time that is.

I have one of those Business owners with theior computer and they have no idea what they are doing at all. I wanted to poke my eyes out with a screwdriver yesterday as they are totally hopeless. After sending their NB in for a new HDD UG they don't know anything like their E-Mail Address let alone what software they where using and much more importantly why their Data is no longer on the HDD. It was there before the NB went in for repairs to have the HDD Replaced so it should still be there now surely. :^0

Then they use strange descriptions like PC meaning a Desktop which also arrived and they couldn't remember the Password for that either. Only wasted 18 hours so far trying to recover what is possible and getting the PC to work after cracking the Log on Password. I m9ght even get the rest of the Desktop delivered today so I can put it back together.

If I'm not here latter today I've killed myself to get away for this person. I think it will be less painful.


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You could always have the fun

by Jacky Howe In reply to Funny :p

of replacing the sensor. To be honest I don't know which would be worse. A nip and tuck or a replacement.

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I've got a new Sensor coming

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You could always have the ...

Apparently you have to remove the Back & Front Covers and since I have had some small experience with draging wires through systems I don't think it will be too bad. Hopefully. :)

Now I have to get back to that Idiot Business system that has to be reset to the way it was and I have no idea of how it was setup or what it was using.

I honestly thnk death is the bettrer alternative here. :0


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