Anyone have problems with their pc hanging when static IP is assigned?

By loco hombre ·
I have a Dell E6500 with XP loaded and it's part of a domain. It boots fine when in DHCP mode, but when I assign a static IP, it hangs during boot-up on "configuring settings." I thought it was a DNS issue, but I don't see any problems on the DNS server. I have assigned two different static IPs and have had the problem with both. Any suggestions?

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Try this

by Wizard-09 In reply to Anyone have problems with ...

When it's trying to load disconnect the cable it will load I've seen it happen before, rename or del the local profiles on the local machine that should resolve the issue

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didn't work unfortunately

by loco hombre In reply to Try this

I appreciate your response.

I disconnected the cable at the point where it usually freezes and nothing changed. I have no problem logging on to the local machine, it only freezes when logging onto the domain (no matter what credentials I use).

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Try a DHCP reservation

by oldbaritone In reply to Anyone have problems with ...

Try setting a reservation for it in Domain Server's DHCP table. That way, the work station uses DHCP, but it will always get the same IP address when it boots.

When you use static IP in DHCP environment, it can get messy. I had problems with a router that had its own DHCP and it didn't want to pass packets through unless the client was registered in DHCP.

DHCP with reservations is a good work-around to the issues with static IP. It also centralizes control so that a subnet change or DNS change doesn't need to be made on EVERY machine, just change the configuration in DHCP and it pushes out with the next lease renewal.

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found the problem

by loco hombre In reply to Try a DHCP reservation

Thank you for your response.

It seems the problem stems from Symantec Endpoint Protection. For whatever reason, when this user took the laptop home and hooked into their network connection, this problem started. It repeated on a different laptop issued to the same user. I don't know why, but when I disabled Symantec, it worked fine.

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