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Anyone heard of/experienced a shaky display in outlook 2003 only?

By atbobet ·
For the last month or so, Outlook 2003 screen display starts to shake and more...but only in Outlook and it starts faster when going into Contacts. McFee and Norton can't find anything, screens work fine (checked with 2 screens both working fine on other PCs). Have Windows XP, Office 2003 and have updated drivers and checked the system in general.
Anyone had this?

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Need more Info

by dayen In reply to Anyone heard of/experienc ...

Is Machine just work or is it a gamer machine Video card and Mouse. other software like from softkey some problems there between them and Access in the past. though this sounds like a DLL or OCX problem. also how did you run virus scan. I boot from CD or DVD with BART2 if I think machine is infected some virus turn off your antivirus your could be running blank def.

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Shaking Outlook 2003 more info

by atbobet In reply to Need more Info

Thanks for reply. Machine is work mostly but some children's video games...nothing new in the last 3 months has been installed. Video card is Radeon X600 Pro and driver updated after problems began as a potential solution. Updates are the standard from microsoft and I am up to date. Virus scan from Norton and McFee both show nothing; purchased Norton and am using free trial of McFee to see if it might find something. what is Bart2?
What is strange is no other programs affected for other new effect is that while in outlook, the screen just switches off no signal is I reboot and all goes back to the usual shaking outlook 2003.
Would upgrading to 2007 or Vista/windows 7 help? Have a laptop that runs on Vista and Outlook 2003 that is experiencing no problem.

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If this is only happening on one application

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Anyone heard of/experienc ...

It very much sounds like a Software Clash/Conflict between that Program and something else.

Start with the easy things like any newly installed Software/Drivers/Updates just before this started happening and you'll most likely find your culprit. Though these things can be hard to track down particularly if you are not experienced in software conflicts and it may be easier/faster to wipe and reload from scratch these the app to see if there are nay problems then install another piece of Software, restart and test again.

Quite often you can completely reload a system and not have a problem as one of the applied updates which wasn't required has been superseded by a newer one will not be applied so the conflict doesn't happen again.


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Shaking outlook 2003 more information

by atbobet In reply to If this is only happening ...

Thanks for feedback. Nothing updated in last 3 months before problem appeared...I did upgrade all drivers since then to try to solve the problem, but no change. I reloaded office 2003 but that did not help nor did it show anything. I have scanned with Norton and McFee and nothing shows up. Would upgrading to Windows 7 or Outlook 2007 help you think?

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Check your oulook shortcut for a resolution switch

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Anyone heard of/experienc ...

that can be caused by the Compatibility features.

Try right clicking on the link you use to load Outlook then Properties >> Compatibilitytab >> Make sure nothing is checked there.

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