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Anyone here if MS is going to fix Office

By JimHM ·
We just ran into an interesting problem here with Office 2000 Suite and print drivers PCL version 6.

If your default printer has a PCL version 6 driver - some (not all) DOC's - Excels - Visio's - opens get a "Memory Reference Error" - when Microsoft was contacted about this error they said it was the Print driver developers problem and not theirs.

But it is with a majority of the PCL version 6 drivers (we have HP, Cannon, lexmark and Xerox) - any of the PCL 6 drivers cause the error - but at different times and with different documents.

We backed them up to PCL version 5 and works fine. Contact HP and the others they say Microsoft has the problem with PCL 6 and they follow the standard...

Go MicroTrash - Wasn't Me ...

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Anyone here if MS is going to fix Office

by Oz_Media In reply to Anyone here if MS is goin ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry Jim, but the title is simply hilarious. Do you REALLY think Microsnot would FIX something??

Geeze man, you KNOW itisn't YOUR printer drivers and that it is DEFINITELY a MS problem as it is with ALL your printers, unlesss they are all in cahoots with each otehr to **** off Microsnot.

Just hang tight my friend, NOvell's Linux for Desktops will resolve the need fo Office anyhow.

I've seen the first Novell Linux for desktops seminar and will be in Vancouver for the next leg next week.

Ms is gonna have to pull thier socks up or they are going to be losing market share, very slowly but surely.

Sorry to hear you predicament, I have NO resolve for you but thought your expectations sounded a little , make that a LOT, far fetched.


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All editions of Office 2000 on the hit list

by maxwell edison In reply to Anyone here if MS is goin ...


According to the most recent list released by Microsoft, the discontinued products will include the following:

Office XP Developer; Visio 2000; BackOffice Server 2000; Office 2000 Developer; Office 2000 Tools; Office 2000 Multilingual; Office 2000 Premium SR-1; Office 2000 Service Pack 2; Outlook 2000, Project 2000; SQL Server 7; SQL Server 7 Service Pack 3; Embedded Visual Tools 3.0; Visual Studio 6 MSDE; IE 5.5; MapPoint 2002; Visual Studio 6.0 SP3 and SP5; Windows 98; Windows 98 Y2K; Windows 98 Resource Kit; Windows 98 SP1 (all Win98 except SE); Windows NT 4.0 (Terminal Server and Option Pack); and Visual Basic (Alpha Systems).




From the sounds of this article, I'd say that MS is finished doing anything with Office 2000. (I'm not entirely sure, however, as this is just how I read the article.)

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Support Cycle

by TheChas In reply to Anyone here if MS is goin ...

If enough people complain, Microsoft MIGHT release a fix.

Office 2000 is near the extended support phase.

There is 6 months left for a fix to arrive.

Office 2000 ? Microsoft will continue to offer mainstream hotfix support on Office 2000 through June 30, 2004. In addition, no-charge incident support and personal pay-per-incident support will continue through June 30, 2005. Office 2000?s extended support period will last from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2006. The latest Office 2000 service pack is required for hotfix support


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by shula In reply to Anyone here if MS is goin ...

Jim, can I ask you a question on a different topic ?

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The fix is to stay with PCL 5 until you upgrade or get rid of Office

by AV . In reply to Anyone here if MS is goin ...

We had so many printing problems with Office 2000 that we were unable to use it. Can you imagine having 400,000 documents and any underlines in a document would print like strikethrough text? Then MS told me there was a way to fix it, but I would have to fix each individual document. Of course, the real problem according to them was with the print driver. Guess what HP said the problem was?

We stayed with Office 97 and then upgraded to Office XP. The printing is much better - no more weird printing problems.

HP has a PCL 5E driver which has worked well.

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That's the one I awlays use

by Oz_Media In reply to The fix is to stay with P ...

I've maintain about 12 installed printers in two HO's and others in branch offices I work with.
They all use the PCL5E driver now since having various print problems, I think it's the die hard driver for all HP installs, they only need the one driver for all thier printers, wonder if they know it yet?

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