Anyone know a good data recovery tool?

By smatteson ·
Hi, I have a user whose laptop experienced some difficulties after attempting to merge 2 partitions (large C:, small E:) - the merge process failed halfway through, and now the partition with the good data (small E:) is in a dirty state and can't be read. I've tried booting the PC with a Super Win PE disc, Knoppix Linux and Partition Magic but none of these can get at the data on the phantom partition. I used a Spinrite disc to check for/fix errors but that produced no noticeable effect.

In looking through data recovery tools online it seems there are quite a few options. Does anyone have any recommendations for something that can be used to get at this date? Ideally I would need something that can transfer files over USB or an FTP connection or something as I need to get them off the drive to format it and reinstall Windows.


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by Langlier In reply to Anyone know a good data r ...

has very good (at least from my experience) data recovery software. since you are already using a PE disk (I used Bart rather then super win) you can add this to your applications on that... and if your disk is properly configured you could transfer it from there.

might take a little work to get everything working properly but if the data is worth it then the time put in will be well spent.

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a good data recovery tool i know

by fayshen55 In reply to Anyone know a good data r ...

why not try ay recovery software? it is quite good.

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As you have already attacked this Disc with Spin Rite

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Anyone know a good data r ...

The chances of a successful recovery are hugely reduced.

You need to fit this Disc to a external enclosure and only read from it not actually run anything that writes to it and to see if there is anything you can do easily I suggest Davory from X Ways.

There is a trial version available here and at the very least it will tell you if it can do anything at all in recovering whatever is left here


But personally I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting fr a successful recovery.
If this is really important and needs to be recovered I would be sending the HDD to a Data Recovery House and let them see what they can achieve but it's going to cost as they have to undo everything that has been done here and that will take time.


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Spin Rite

by Snuffy09 In reply to As you have already attac ...

hey oh smeg

how do you rate spin rite?

I have used it a handful of time on damaged HDs and never had any decent results.

I have used it on disks with bad memory blocks

corrupt data

and some other scenarios

Its just frustrating because you wait a long time for the low-level recovery and get no results

have you had good luck with this tool??????????

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Stellar Phoenix

by jacobluis In reply to Anyone know a good data r ...

You must try partition recovery software from stellar phoenix it can recover your all corrupted data which is not readable in your drive (Small E). I don't know about other software because I had used it before when my partition get deleted & I recovered it with the help of this software.

SO my recommendation is to use stellar phoenix.

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Lots of good stuff out there but...

by brian In reply to Stellar Phoenix

Might i recommend Active@Undelete. I have used this software numerous times in the past and it has the best bang for the buck in my opinion. Ontracks software is great as well, however pricy. The active software has the ability to recover RAID volumes as well as create images of disks, read RAW disk partitions...etc...the list just goes on. The enterprise version for one licence i believe is only like 200 bucks, but i could be mistaken.

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

by jacobluis In reply to Anyone know a good data r ...

I would like to suggest you one of the best data recovery software ever for windows OS i.e. stellar phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software . It bit costly but you can buy its home edition just in $49. Its Professional version is still available in $99.
Take an idea from here http://www.stellarinfo.com/windows-data-recovery.php

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In a word...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Anyone know a good data r ...

Testdisk. This sort of problem is exactly where this application shines! And its free to boot!

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SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

by mickhussey In reply to Anyone know a good data r ...

Hello frnds...

If you are facing data loss trouble, and want a perfect solution for recovering or restoring lost files or folders, then you should use SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software which is most prominent Windows data recovery software, with the help of this tool, i have recover my data lost data... I fully appreciates this application ..... So THANX SYSTOOLS... I like it.....:)

Mick Hussey
Thank You Very Much

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