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Anyone know anything about the Thinkpads? (specific to 600e)

By arifdriessen ·
Hey all, my mum does charity work. someone generously supplied a
laptop, the Thinkpad 600e. But we cant sell anything unless we know
it works. So I am having a look at it.

I switch it on, and it often spurts out errors numbers, which checking
on the website, one of them is regarding the keyboard, and the other
claims that date and time isn't set. so you hit OK (you can press
cancel. Eitherway...) it asks to set the date and time. you set it, and
hit okay, then i loads for a little bit and then brings up this blue
screen on a wallpaper (desktop picture) of the thinkpad logo tiled.

The blue screen says in very big simbols: Off > On

I can't do anything. My mouse cursor disappears, and it just waits on
that screen. I think suggesting to switch the computer off because
the way to switch it off and on is by sliding a small bar on the side,
forwards once, then letting it spring back into place.

Holding F1 at startup brings about a self test program. I ran it and
everything seems to be okay.

I want to be able to install Windows on it.

How can I do this.

Thank you all

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Typical of bad CMOS battery

by mjd420nova In reply to Anyone know anything abou ...

Too often a bad CMOS batteries first indication of having failed it the "set date and time" routine. The Cmos battery is there to keep the clock running and the BIOS setup as set during start up. Once the unit is started, it is important to get the BIOS set right and saved. However, to replace the battery the unit must be disassembled, requiring the unit be shut off. Write down the setup that works and get the battery replaced and then get everything set right and saved. The proof comes when you power up and are greeted with a successful boot with no errors.

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by arifdriessen In reply to Typical of bad CMOS batte ...

Yup, it does look like a CMOS Battery thing, which is
understandable considering it's 7 years old!!

I actually found someone else on another forum who had
the same problem. If I turn it off and then back on again
quickly, it for some reason starts up sucessfully and loads
into Windows 98.

This is good news... I've orded a CMOS battery from ebay,
i'll replace that, start up the computer, update the BIOS,
erase and reinstall a decent OS. And thank you very much.
We should be left with a very happy computer.


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