Anyone know how to run SMART test on External LaCie drive?

By Slayer_ ·
My drive apperently just got a couple bad sectors. Considering the drive is barely a year old and has never ever been moved or dropped, something is seriously wrong. I want to see what smart has to say. I tried with Speedfan but the drive doesn't show in the list.


I have no idea what kind of drive it actually is, just that it is LaCie drive.

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by Slayer_ In reply to Anyone know how to run SM ...

I'd like some proof of failure when I send this drive back for warranty, anyone know how I can run a SMART test?

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by balge In reply to Anyone?

does the drive appear in Explorer at all? you could run checkdisk if it does.
only experience of SMART working is when it flashed up a warning at boot time on an installed disk once.
I would use the disk manufacturers own drive software to test the disk if you want ammo against them!

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well yes it works fine so far

by Slayer_ In reply to smart

Lord knows if it will stay that way. Thats why I want to SMART test it. Saddly it is impossible to know ATM who the drive manufactuer really is, as its in a solid black case stamped LaCie. Without opening the case (Obviously voiding any warranty) I cannot tell.

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by balge In reply to well yes it works fine so ...

if the drive appears in Explorer right click drive > properties > tools > error checking > tick scan and fix > ok

USB 'safely remove hardware' - double click icon, double click 'USB mass storage device'
hard drive make/model should be listed

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I am confused?

by Slayer_ In reply to Explorer

I have already run Chkdsk /R on it, that is how I know it has bad clusters.

It is apperently a samsung.

Also apperently my limited user no longer has permission to use the drive. Considerings its a shared drive with full access to the "Everyone" group, that is slightly concerning.

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samsung SMART

by balge In reply to I am confused?
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ok thx, I shall try it when I get home...

by Slayer_ In reply to samsung SMART

Since apperently my limited user is having issues with the drive now.

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