Anyone know of a cell phone/pda that has real GPS?

By rjfleming2 ·
Smartphones claiming to have GPS do not have GPS at all... they have internet access to GPS. I own an HTC pda with complete Tomtom GPS downloaded and it works everywhere in Europe w/o any internet access or billing at roaming rates that are astronomical! Doesn't anyone realize they will pay out the nose to use their GPS when driving out of their roaming area?! The only problem is I am having trouble finding any device to replace my aging HTC that has REAL GPS installed - Does anyone know who is making such a device anymore? internet GPS is a true scam....
G. Gray

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sprint nav

by cpowers15 In reply to Anyone know of a cell pho ...

I dunno if this helps or not, but I have an HTC Hero on Sprint's network with an application called Sprint Navigation which has identical functionality to my garmin. Left my garmin at home one day when the highway was shutdown and the Hero got me to work with the quickest alternative route and I use it all the time now.

Hope that helps!

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You mean other than the iPhone?

by robo_dev In reply to Anyone know of a cell pho ...

The iPhone 3GS and 4 have a built in GPS.

Several companies make external GPS cradles, such as TomTom...but not sure if they make one to work with your HTC.

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Not sure

by TobiF In reply to You mean other than the i ...

As I understand from the two threads OP started within 10 minutes, when he writes "real GPS" he doesn't talk about capability to know your position by lat/long, but rather to have all the map images preloaded on the device.

I don't think any smartphone will have such preloaded map imagery natively, but sure thing you can cook together an app for that on any large smartphone OS. (There may already be some such apps around.)

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GPS vs. Navigation Application

by thecomputerdoc In reply to Anyone know of a cell pho ...

All modern American cell phones have GPS capability so that **1 operators can locate you in an emergency.

That does not mean you can use it to drive from point A to point B.

I have a Samsung Omnia. Originally Verizon had the GPS "locked" so only their applications could use it; requiring you to subscribe at $10 per month. It didn't make sense. I paid for the phone and the U.S. government paid for the satellites, why should Verizon charge me a subscription fee?

After a huge outcry Verizon unlocked the GPS with a firmware release. Now I use Google Maps with true satellite GPS at no charge.

When it can't pick up satellites, Google Maps defaults to Assisted GPS. Typically GPS will narrow your location down to about 30 feet. Assisted GPS uses cell phone towers to triangulate your position down to about 2000 to 3000 feet. Quite a difference.

The other thing to note is that using your phone as a GPS receiver eats the batteries.

The bottom line is you will have to research the particular model you are interested in to see if the GPS is unlocked and their are applications available to use it.

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