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    Anyone know of a cpan module for Perl and threading?


    by danlm ·

    Here is my problem. I am rewriting a security log parsing routine. When I encounter intrusion attempts, after firewalling the ip’s I want to send an notification email.

    This script is quick except for the email part and that is just because it is sendmail. So what I want to do is launch a separate thread for sendmail. Unfortunately, Perl doesn’t thread. I must be losing my touch, because during my searches of cpan I have not found anything that meets my needs. I can’t picture this being a unique problem so I am pretty sure that there should be something out there.

    So, does anyone know of a situation for this???


    As a side note, yes I know that I could write a separate routine that gets launched from a crontab looking for a temp file containing the email and sending it that way. But, that just seem like a clean solution.

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