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    Anyone Knows about SGE.?


    by Natalie Jack ·


    “Search Generative Experience” (SGE) is not a widely recognized term or acronym. It does not have a specific meaning or commonly known definition in the field of technology or information retrieval. It is possible that it refers to a concept or a product in a specific context, but without further information, it is difficult to provide a specific explanation for SGE.

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      Re: SGE

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Anyone Knows about SGE.?

      As the term says, it’s about enhancing your search experience with generative AI.

      https://blog.google/products/search/generative-ai-search/ tells more, but I think you can get comparable information from Microsoft about the AI enriched Bing (their search engine).

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      Reply To: Anyone Knows about SGE.?

      by xjohn1879 ·

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      Sure, SGE stands for Sun Grid Engine, which is a job scheduling and management system often used in high-performance computing environments. It helps distribute computational tasks across a cluster of computers efficiently.

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