Anyone knows good software to resize C: of Windows Server 2003

By richardyong ·
Hi All,

Currently I have 3 disks on my server, running Raid, All I see is 5 partitions combine into one big disk space.

C 10GB
F 12GB
G 12GB
H 12GB

Current OS: Windows Server 2003 Standard.

I need to expand C of the Windows Server 2003 as there are more and more updates.

Solution, I need to purchase 2 HDD of the same size of the original 3 HDD, but how can I merge it to the C partition?

Partition Magic is out of the question as it do not support Server OS.

Anyone have good solutions for me?

Thank you!

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Norton Gost

by leirags In reply to Anyone knows good softwar ...

I use to copy the HD a norton gost, i boot with a BartPE run gost8 to pass partition to hd.

i hope this can help.

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Disk Manager for Windows

by kmcniff In reply to Norton Gost

I have used Acronis Disk Commander for quite a long time. I have resized or moved partitions on Windows XP, 2000 pro, 2000 Server, and 2003 Server without issue. I bought the Workstation version and use the created boot CD to work on servers and all works good. I only have it installed on 1 workstation. This will even manage disks in a RAID array.

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Successfully merge and resize server partitions with partition magic server

by spotcat In reply to Disk Manager for Windows

Thanks guys,now I know I can resize the partitions. But I didn't find "Acronis Disk Commander", only acronis disk director or partition commander, so is it by mistake?
Nevertheless, I have solved the problem following

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Yes, Acronis Disk director works like a charm!

by smartsupper In reply to Disk Manager for Windows

Yes, it is disk director, not disk commander. Just drag and drop to resize partitions, very easy, safe and fast, if you do not know how to use ADD, see this guide
It seems a little expensive, but worth using.

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yes, zombie alert NT

by PurpleSkys In reply to Yes, Acronis Disk directo ...
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by CG IT In reply to Anyone knows good softwar ...

works with W2003

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Of course there is

by Saraline In reply to Acronis

Yes, acronis is a good one and can solve such kind of problem. Its server edition costs $609.

When i intended to extend by raid last year, i find another much cheaper but also good server partition software to extend my windows server C partition. Here is a detailed guide:
Just want to share and hope it is helpful!

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partition manager from easeus

by chris In reply to Anyone knows good softwar ...

you can try partition manager from easeus on your server, this software can resize your partition without data loss.

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Resize partition with Partition Magic Server, well done

by longtail In reply to Anyone knows good softwar ...

Of course you can do this easily, but I do not recommend you remain only one partition, as it is more likely to encounter system crash and data loss, one partition for OS, the others for data.

But if you still want to do this, you can do like this, copy file of non-system partition to the external drive, and then delete the partitions, at last expand the OS partition and copy back the file. Do not merge partitions directly, it is not safe.

BTW, there is detail operations, you may check

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heavens ZA!!

by PurpleSkys In reply to Resize partition with Par ...

longtail, not that the product your continually posting isnt a good one...but you should read the date that most of the questions you are responding to were posted. I've noted that most are at least 2 yrs old.

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