Anyone received an email from API DNR

By rlmcso ·
Have recently received an email from API DNR ( notifying me that they are representing a client who would like to register a domain name that uses "my domain name" as the key word?

Today I noticed in another email account for another domain name I own the same request for that domain name.

Is this a scam, the refered to web site today is off line - was ok yesterday!

What I would like to know is what can they gain from such a scam (if it is a scam)?


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Ignore it - it's a definite scam ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Anyone received an email ...

That ol' chestnut started out in the early days of the 'net, back when users weren't really sure whether their registered domains were secure or not.

Don't bother about it. Print it out and frame it for a laugh. That's what I once did a few years ago.

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Yeah, it is entirely a scam.

by seanferd In reply to Anyone received an email ...

Even assuming it weren't, why would you care? If you did, you'd have every possible variation of your domain name for every TLD registered already, right?

for more info. Check out the comment thread.

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I have received an email from API DNR

by Andrew Henderson In reply to Anyone received an email ...

Hi. I have had one in today. I work in IT Security so am naturally suspicious. This looks like a huge scam to me so I went online and found your blog entry. Did you get any other responses?


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Check the blog link in my post above.

by seanferd In reply to I have received an email ...

There was a much earlier thread on this same subject floating around here somewhere as well.

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It looks like they're simply trying to sell unused domain names (probably at inflated prices)

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by Geri57 In reply to Anyone received an email ...

I recieved this email and what I think they are hoping is that you will get concerned about the security of your domain name and want to register it with APIDNR as well - so they'll get some money out of you that way.
I'd ignore it.

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A Bait-and-hook Scam

by seanlee86 In reply to Anyone received an email ...

It's a what has been called an "internet keyword scam". Here's the first email you'll get probably to your public email address.

"Dear CEO/Manager,

We are a Global Domain Name Registration Center in Hong Kong, mainly dealing with domain name registration and internet intellectual property rights protection. On {INSERT DATE} we received a formal application from a local company of your country who is applying to register some domain names with the keyword {INSERT YOUR COMPANY'S NAME} and register it as their keyword. After investigation, we find that you are the original user of the keyword. As this refers to your company name or trade mark, according to our policy, to avoid the confusion and dispute on the internet, we are responsible to inform you and would like to know your ideas. If you agree about this issue, we will finish the third company's registration. If you don't agree the third company?s registration, please inform me. I?m looking forward to your reply. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Kind Regards,

Customer Service Manager

Tel: +852-31757931(ext8003)
Fax: +852-31757932

They create this illusion that they are the knights in the shinning armor in defending your company's Trade mark for free (the bait). Then if you play into their hand and asking them to reject this "third party's" application. As you are thinking that what a nice girl name "Ella.Charle" from Hong Kong that benevolently defends your company's interests. They deploy the hook as in following email:

"Dear {insert your name},

We perfectly understand this is your company name or trademark, and that was exactly why you?ve got these emails from us. Domains are different from trademark or company name, as they can be registered worldwide. Now the aforementioned third party is applying the following domain names and internet keyword:

Domain names as below:
Internet keyword as below:
Once you would like to protect or preserve them by registering ahead due to the importance, one valid application form will be sent to start your prior registration. Or we are going to approve the application from the third party if your company does not lay claim to these domains. Please let us know if there is anything more we might be of assistance. Thanks very much and your early reply will be appreciated.
An introduction of Internet Keyword is enclosed for your review.


Customer Service Manager"

Of course if you ignore them, they'll have very polite following up emails day after day to "disturbing" you into buying their hosting service.

Hope this helps.

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Bait and Hook Domain Name Keyword Scam

by IraMarks In reply to A Bait-and-hook Scam

I just received the same sequesnce of emails from these folks in HK offering the opportunity to protect myself by registering the additional domains as well as registering my Keyword so some other party can not do it. Obvioulsy we can register all permutations of your domain name with various suffixes if there is markting value.
These folks charge 3 or 4x the US based rates that you would find at GoDaddy who mI use. No such thing as protecting the keyord unless unique TM or you register it in a domain registration before someone else. They wanted $175 USD.
So avoid these folks!

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by alfa.pi In reply to Anyone received an email ...

I got similar request this morning.
1. My company's name is a registered trade-mark.
2. They are not allowed to register another *.com address with the same name than my company's.
3. Not sure about the protection of the key-word.
4. Right, was is the gain from scam? (but what is it for spams anyway?)

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It reads like a scam

by Megan McLloyd In reply to Anyone received an email ...

We received one yesterday afternoon and will ignore it.

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