Anyone recognise this virus?

By andynospam ·
Hi, I seem to have acquired a nasty little virus that I can't seem to shake. I was wondering whether anyone could help identify it from the following symptoms:

a) Not detected by Norton under XP
b) stops Norton connecting to the update site
c) Not detected by ZoneAlarm Security Suite
d) Stops connections to the Zonealarm virus update site, but not to the spyware site.
e) When booting from a Norton CD to do a scan, shows the C: drive as empty (hence no virus found) - so presumably it's infected the (Master) boot record somehow.
f) Allows access to some internet sites (e.g. Google), but disallows any sites found from there
g) Most recently, has slowed all printing down to a crwal - i.e. takes about an hour for the printer to kick into action after a job has been spooled.

Anyone have any ideas, and if so, have you managed to successfully get rid of it?

Many thanks in advance,

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Are you sure it's a virus?

by zlitocook In reply to Anyone recognise this vir ...

Have you tried scanning in safe mode or use a live CD to scan the computer with AVG? Have you looked at the host file to see if any thing has beed added? Use another computer and down load stinger from McAffe, write protect the disk and run it.
If you have a new virus that's not detectable you may have to format and reinstall.

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Could be the beginning of a whole new animal...

by melting_joker In reply to Anyone recognise this vir ...

The more complex the hardware, the more complex the software... This is the current trend from cluster server based programming. If this is a virus, it was probably created using a 64 bit PC or a small cluster. This translates into more powerful programs, for example:

Viruses that have more stealth, control over infected computers and systems, and integrated firewall bypass methods.

I see a new type of virus that may become a reality. A sort of "Swiss Army Knife" utilitarian virus code that will be able to infect and control most computers, multiple directories, multiple file types, multiple hardware types, and all while becoming more and more stealthy. I see your computers being logged and monitored via local log files as well as remote monitoring. I see infected computers that will destroy any install disc by exploiting the driver code for the multiformat DVD/CD burners, thus preventing a quick overlay installation of the operating system that usually would have fixed most problems while conserving the data on the drive(s). I see Intel launching palladium in order to spy on anyone using Intel-based PC's. I see SONY/BMG Music's DRM viruses infecting military and government servers and then being ridiculed for releasing spyware in the form of music CD's and embedded hardware code. I believe that it will get much worse when Intel debuts its newest TERAFLOP Processor, an 80-core CPU capable of individual core programmability and internal data routing... I see the new age of viruses beginning.

Just try an overlay-install of XP and see what happens. (Upgrade= saves your data/configurations/programs)

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