Anyone seen this Windows 7 64-bit issue before?

By lynxspyder ·
I have a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. After the latest spate of Windows updates (but before I installed service pack 1), I started having an odd problem.

On initial boot up, everything runs fine. But at some point, programs stop loading altogether. I always run into the problem when I try to launch any Office 2010 program, Office, Excel, Word.

The program won't launch or the spreadsheet or document I'm trying to load won't open. At that point, I find other programs won't load as well. I have to go into task manager and kill all of the processes where Excel or Word is trying to open a document.

When I open Windows Explorer, the magnifying glass is spinning over all of the libraries folders as if it can no longer find the files and folders. That would suggest to me that it may be related to the user profile.

It clears up when I reboot the system.

It started when the pre-service pack 1 updates were installed. Several updates came out on the same day along with service pack 1. Maybe someone else has experienced a similar issue or knows of an issue with one of the updates?

Intel Core i5-430M Processor 2.26 GHz, 3MB L3 Cache
Mobile Intel PM55 Express Chipset
GeForce GTS 360M 1GB GDDR5
4GB DDR3 system memory
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with service pack 1

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Not something I've seen previously but a few things to look at

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Anyone seen this Windows ...

Which version of Office do you have the 32 or 64 Bit?

What is the Temp of the CPU when this starts happening?

Have you got a Cool Pad in place to stop the NB overheating?

A Cool Pad is like this


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System Check

by exxpl0it In reply to Anyone seen this Windows ...

You stated that you feel that it is related to the user profile. Have you tried logging into another profile and seeing if this is in fact profile specific? Do you have any antivirus/anti-malware software running? How many processes are running when you go to task manager? Do you happen to have any system restore points before you noticed this issue?

I have multiple users running Win7 x64 with Office 2010, and have not heard any issues with the latest windows updates yet. I hope that it is not related as my test pilot group has not reported any issues thus far. This is why I am leaning more towards another issue.

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Have you updated your BIOS?...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Anyone seen this Windows ...

When you get a new computer, Laptop or Desktop, it is wise to update the BIOS and then everything that relates to your computer such as chipset etc.
I see that you have "Mobile Intel PM55 Express Chipset" maybe you can update this as well from Intel. As said above, maybe it could be heat related, check in the BIOS and see what the temp is. Make sure that the computer is well ventilated. Another cause of the problem could be your Hdd, take it out and replace with another and reload or copy over your data.

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