Anyone used this inkjet print-head unclogger

By imanother ·

?(question mark not part of the address)

It comes with the tools to do the job, using a fluid, the kit costing $14.95 + $7.95 p & p.

We have two Canon i865 printers, same age (four years), same problem: clogged print heads. Cost to get fixed here in NZ: NZ$245 ? each! I'd replace the things myself, but haven't been able to find a seller of print heads here, yet.


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Well, logic suggests to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Anyone used this inkjet p ...

That for the price of this supposed repair method, you'd be as well to try it without bothering to find out what anyone else thinks.
If it works - it works. If it doesn't, you've not been stung too hard.

However, as for the price to get EACH fixed in New Zealand [NZ$245] you've got to be looking at a new print head plus getting ripped off by whichever company is doing the job.

Given the present exchange rate for GBP to NZ$, and assuming that Canon replacement parts are equally priced worldwide, you should be able to BUY the QY6-0049-000 replacement printheads for NZ$111 each.

If you had sufficient stocks of bananas, you could train a monkey to change the print heads. :)

But if this wondrous liquid does the business, what have you really got to lose?

Having said that - NZ$111 will buy you a brand new Canon printer, which won't be a brand new print head attached to a 4-year old printer (where something else is likely to break down next). In fact, with today's prices you could replace both printers with brand new ones for the price of one replacement print head!

Edit for afterthought.

Your choice.

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Now, where do I begin

by imanother In reply to Well, logic suggests to m ...

with a response to your offering, OldER Mycroft? Let me try this: My post did not ask anyone what they THOUGHT about this stuff, rather what anyone might have FOUND, had they used it.

Next: why chance getting stung at all, when there are helpful folk on TechRepublic who might be able to prevent my enhancing the bank balance of a possible rat, one of the legion who infest the Internet?

As for bananas, as per your suggestion, I must have made good use of some when I installed the print heads from new. I'd replace the things myself now, but for the fact that I haven't been able to find a seller of print heads here, yet.

And then there's your revelation that "NZ$111 will buy you a brand new Canon printer, which won't be a brand new print head attached to a 4-year old printer (where something else is likely to break down next). In fact, with today's prices you could replace both printers with brand new ones for the price of one replacement print head!". To which I will say that, just because we in NZ are standing on our heads, so to speak, we are not unable to think. In fact, the extra flow of blood to our brains as a result of this advantage enables us to figure out that $111 should indeed buy us a brand new Canon printer, which was the reason that I bought a brand new Canon printer (for rather more, actually: $184) after the first i865 died. But then, when I saw the miniscule amount of ink contained in the mini-inktanks of the replacement m/c, and experienced the low production rate of same, logic told me that the best thing I could do would be to dump the thing, which I did ? fast ? on some other poor unsuspecting sod.

So, where does that leave me? It leaves me with a nice Brother MFD, which I picked up recently for $39 (after cashback), a great Brother mono laser, and two otherwise very good Canon printers that simply need to have their heads cleared (try bananas, d'you suggest?)

It also leaves me with a resolve never to buy any other Canon product, this not only due to the foregoing but also to the fact that I have a Canon scanner that will not operate on either of the two PCs or the laptop on which I have installed Windows 7, except on the separate drive of one of those PCs on which I dual boot into XP. It would run on my wife's PC as well as on her laptop, but since she has two scanners of her own, she has no need of it.

Try some more bananas and then download a Win 7 driver from Canon's site, you suggest? Well, no. I have tried that, only to find that Canon has none available. I would suggest too that Canon has no intention of providing drivers for its older, but perfectly serviceable, scanners.

Now I'll let you go to clear your cynical head in that lovely Highland air. Thank you.

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have you tried canon's regular cleaning

by .Martin. In reply to Anyone used this inkjet p ...

in control panel, right printer, chose properties (printer properties in windows 7) then maintenance.

in this menu there will be a few options like Cleaning, Deep cleaning and Nozzle Check. try these and see if it helps, if not, why not give it a go?

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Yes, I have indeed tried

by imanother In reply to have you tried canon's re ...

what you suggest (several times), but thank you, Martin, for your well-meaning, helpful suggestion.

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As well as the Canon Cleaning or Maintenance Utilities

by OH Smeg In reply to Anyone used this inkjet p ...

I always suggest to my clients to sit the Print Head in warm water deep enough to cover the Ink Entry Point tot he Print Head and allow it to soak and dissolve the Ink for about 30 minutes.

Then remove the Print Head from the water dry off and refit to the printer and run the Deep Clean Utility in the Printer Maintenance Menu several times. After that run the Print Head Check to see if it's working now.

This of course requires that you have usable Ink Tanks in the Printer.

If you are using XP here left click on Start, then Printer & Fax's when the next Window opens right click on your Canon i865 Printer and select Properties from the Drop Down Menu, When this Window Opens Left Click on the Maintenance Tab and you have your Maintenance Utilities there.


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Now that's something I hadn't thought of.

by imanother In reply to As well as the Canon Clea ...

Yet another possible, reasonable solution from OH Smeg to yet another problem. I'll give it a go. Where would we mere mortals be without helpful people like you?

Please see my own responses to the first two to my original in this thread.

Thanks, again, for your help.

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Wow - I never thought - -

by Sagax- In reply to Anyone used this inkjet p ...

I must be a bit backwards, or maybe using really cheap inkjet printers. When I replace ink cartridges, new printheads come with them.

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I don't know about this model

by mafergus In reply to Wow - I never thought - -

But I have worked on several that have separate ink resevoirs and print heads. Look up the HP businessinkjets as an example.

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most of the canon's

by .Martin. In reply to I don't know about this m ...

that I have seen are the same.

the printheads clip in first, then the cartridges go into that.

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Same with the new Lexmarks's as well.

by OH Smeg In reply to most of the canon's

Though I personally much prefer the Canons they are just better.


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