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Anyone Using Track-It 6


I have been looking for a package for Helpdesk, Remote Control, Inventory & Software Deployment. I have tested about 4 products so far, and at the moment Track-It 6 looks good to me. I would appreciate any feedback you have.


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Don't buy it

by is In reply to Anyone Using Track-It 6

We started using Track-it when it was still blue Ocean, we finally got fed up with it at version 6 and moved to Remedy Helpdesk-IQ.
the biggest prooblem was the desire to nickle and dime you to death for add ons. Also the service packs , updates cause more problems than theye help, and Customizing was a joke.

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Small shop = Good, Big Shop = Bad

by djohnson in Calif. In reply to Anyone Using Track-It 6

We are a small shop and we are very happy with Track-It!.

At first it was a pain because the way they forced the equipment and software inventory (you could not name a PC for the person using it and then move it and change the name to another person's name) But they've fixed that and it's working out just great.

We do helpdesk and purchased the web based add on so our users can write their own help tickets and keep track of progress. We use it for physical inventory (does a great job of keeping track of parts that walk off like cpu types and memory chips...)
We also keep track of all our user's training history and certs.
And it does a fairly good job (room for improvement) on software auditing and inventory.

For the price it's great.
Remedy is the God of helpdesk software and you will pay for it! But if you are big you will need it. Track-It! is cheap by comparison but if you are small, it's what you need.

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Not a bad product

by Jim_MacLachlan In reply to Anyone Using Track-It 6

We've been using Track-it since version 3 when it was still by Blue Ocean & based on a Foxpro database. We're now using ver 6 Standard which is based on an MSAccess DB. It's not the best help desk product I've ever used, but for the money, it's pretty good. I have no experience with the Enterprise version, which is based on MS SQL, but there is an email group I belong to & some of them do. We all face similar problems.

It's kind of clunky & you really need to think out how you're going to use it before jumping right in. To us, numbering & naming of workstations was very important. We use both to identify PC's. We have over 100 small remote sites, many on dialup (hence we don't use the Enterprise version as the remote features need more bandwidth) & it's really important when entering a workorder to pin down the PC.

The other item we spent a lot of time working on was the workorder type. We came up with a system that lets us run quick sorts & reports. I think it's pretty personal. As another person noted, there isn't any customization. You need to understand what you want & what the program can do before really setting it up & using it. We skipped version 5 & started with a clean slate in version 6. We spent a good week doing double entry to make sure we had everything the way we wanted it - dumped it all & started over 3 times.

We're pretty happy with it now.

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