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Anyone want to go halves?

By Tony Hopkinson ·
I am Mr.Obaro. I am from the fedex delivery in West Africa.I have
been monitoring a parcel here at our office since containing a bank draft of 800,000 United States Dollars ,but I have heard that the owner of the parcel just past away.It is to be collected by a security Answer and I have It.It is "Fredrick".THis is where it involves you.The charge of delivery is 220USD,I want you to pay the delivery fee and send me your address and the parcel will be shipped to your address.Then you will cash the cheque there at the bank and send me the sum of 200.000USD and you keep the 600.00USD as your Share.I have made arrangement showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country.IF you want to pay for the delivery this is my contact
Mr Mark Obaro
phone: +234 803 927 1858

So if . is the thousand separator in this guys native language, where did the other 540.000USD go?

Interesting sidelight and morality as well drugs and terrorism bad, theft and fraud, perfectly ok.

West Africa....

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sounds dodgy though

by Jaqui In reply to Anyone want to go halves?

after all, isn't it illegal for postal services to open mail?

naughty boy needs to go to prison for breaking the law he does.

after all, if someone was mailing me a large cheque I would get pissed if the post office stole it.

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Dodgy?, really?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to sounds dodgy though

No surely not, my missus has already spent the prooceeds, come one you must have buck or two lying about.

Ah ha, lets finance it with a pyramid scheme....

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You are such a Cynic Tony

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dodgy?, really?

But as you have waited too long and I got a copy of this yesterday and have already sent off the funds It's all mine.

That will teach you to wait and miss out. :^0

Does anyone actually believe this BS?


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The sad thing is

by MallardtooXX In reply to You are such a Cynic Tony

Yes there are people out there that fall for it everyday. Otherwise they would not do it.

And I sent my money to the Nigerian Prince, Ha now I get to be the next Prince of Nigeria and I get like 5 bucks! Weeeeeeee


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Already spent the money??

by mjd420nova In reply to Anyone want to go halves?

I hope you have enough money in the bank to cover the return of that money to the bank that cashed it and lawyer fees too. NO ONE just gives away money. It's going to cost you more than you got out of it in the long run and possibly some jail time too.

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by MallardtooXX In reply to Already spent the money??

it might not be real....gasp!!!!

How could someone do that? BTW I got an email from a Nigerian Prince the other day...maybe it is his money?


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That's Tony

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Already spent the money??

Hopkinson, not T w a t Hopkinson.

Get more sleep mate, you are slowing up.

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Ah, perfect

by Shellbot In reply to That's Tony

reading that just made my Monday a bit more brighter Tony..


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Sounds like....

by Nimmo In reply to Anyone want to go halves?

I may be a bit parionid but this sounds a lot like the Nigerian scam thats been around for quite a while now.

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Nigerian ???

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Sounds like....

No guy clearly stated he was from west africa.

You have to believe that as he came clean about being a thieving b'stard.

This level of honesty should of course make you much happier about sending a few hundred bucks to him.....


I suspect most mail servers use nigeria as a high value word in spam killing algorithms.

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