Anyone with NT experience???

By cclc ·
I have a strange issue happening with my domain.

I have to restart my domain server nearly daily for the following reason.

PC's that are logged into the domain suddenly can't see the workgroup,
but PC's that are not on the domain can see the workgroup.
Also when this issue arises the domain server can see the workgroup.

We noticed this when a user who had a mapped drive on his PC (on the domain) couldn't access the drive (which is also on a PC on the domain.

Any ideas?? Anyone willing to help me figure this out??

Any help is appreciated.

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Where are my browsers?

by cclc In reply to A couple of checks

I have a small network with 35 PC's. I also have only one subnet. How can i determine if I have rogue browsers and locate the master and backup on my network?

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Another link

by Jacky Howe In reply to Where are my browsers?

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Anyone with NT experience ...

Is your network NT Domain with workstations as a combination of win2k prof, win xp prof, etc.?
Then u have the same problem as we had in our organization way back in 2002-03, most probably, if i remember correctly the year.
Microsoft had stopped free updates and patches for Windows NT as per the life cycle support policy of Micorosft. Still patches were available for other new OSes like Win2k & WinXP. The problem occured due to problems in the Server Message Block (SMB) an application-level network protocol. Microsoft patched the same for all OSes but not for WinNT. I also used to restarted the server every morning other wise some users will not be able to login to the domain at all, they could login with only the catched profile only and not get network resources. The error for SMB was registered in the event viewer on the server as if there were to many domain users then supported, if i remember properly. You can chwck the same om your server and confirm. We immediately converted our domain to win2k3 with AD (upgrade) as our company didnot go for the paid patch support of microsoft at that time. you can also go for the upgrading to Win2k3 or go for the paid support from microsoft which i believe they would be still doing.

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SMB Reply

by cclc In reply to SMB

Now this sounds right...

What we have noticed now is a restart is required more often. When we first noticed it we might see the need to reboot once a month, then two weeks etc..
We now have to reboot sometimes twice a day.
If issue is common to yours does the increasing frequency makes sense?

Thanks for the help.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to SMB Reply

we used to restart daily and then after about six months or so we upgraded the domain to W2K3 AD.

I would like to add that we were a very small org then. After that we grew to a big S/W development org.

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Small Also

by cclc In reply to SMB

I have only 35 pc in our entire company and only 3/4 use the domain. I'm not sure if I should just abandon the hole domain. I know that I am not using it fully as intended. The reason I put it in place was to control users from having local users on the PC's and laptops. Now that we have it place I don't know how to move away with out loosing all the user information on the PC's

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