Anyway to disconnect wifi users?

By marco136669 ·

What is the best way to disconnect users on my WiFi at my office if their usage is high? as we have a 512 Kbps shared on almost 39 computers in a school plus WiFi users so i would like to know which software would be best for me to do it.

Thank you

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Well things here depend on how the system is setup

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Anyway to disconnect wifi ...

You could if possible set a Password in the WiFi Router to keep people who shouldn't be accessing the Net on the WiFi but that would drop them off the Internal Network.

If you have a Server that is between the WiFi Point and the Net you could set rules there but that may be useless if the people concerned are getting Automatic IP Addressing from the WiFi Device.

You could put in place a Black List of Web Sites to prevent those sites being accessed but again it all depends on how the network is configured here.

If you would like to post back with the Topology of the Network and the actual devices concerned someone here will be able to give you some suggestions or at the very least point you in the right direction.

After all it's pointless giving directions on how to block things with a Business Class Router if you have a Domestic Device in place that doesn't support the options suggested.


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by marco136669 In reply to Well things here depend o ...

I have MAC Filtering enabled but people who are white listed are downloading at high rates even when told not to do so from now i want to disconnect the people who are misusing the facilities provided by the school, and i have a small Wireless router called Planet Wireless ADSL 2/2+ 4 Port Router.


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dd-wrt or tomato might help, but better to have an enterprise solution

by TobiF In reply to Thanks

You could have a compatible and enough capable wireless router with the third party firmware dd-wrt or tomato loaded.

This firmware allows you to limit speeds per user and use different limits for different types of traffic.
Just make sure you get a router that will cope with the task. (The speed isn't too high, but you'll need a lot of ram to, since the built-in tables may grow big when you have so many users doing a lot of different stuff.)

But with more than 50 users, I think it's better to get a specialized solution with corresponding functionality. Search for "free firewall software", you'll find a lot, filter through due diligence and go ahead.

Afterwards, we'll be eager to read about your learnings.

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thanks again...

by marco136669 In reply to dd-wrt or tomato might he ...

I have spoke to the school management and they want a way too big solution so i want a software that will help me solve this problem if there are any. anyways thanks for your time.

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Doesn't need to be very big

by TobiF In reply to thanks again...

Take a desktop PC which is turning a bit too old for normal windows use.

Add an additional ethernet card.

Install a free (linux-based) firewall system, probably with built-in web proxy.

If you don't have any spare desktops yourself, check with a couple of neighboring companies if they're just about to throw away any computers and are happy to donate. (take 2-3 for additional ethernet card and spares)

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thats a brilliant idea

by marco136669 In reply to Doesn't need to be very b ...

thanks a lot i will do that.

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