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AOL 6 on Win98 PC to over NT Network?

By nschwam ·
I administer an NT network - recently we reconfigured the Exchange Server. Prior to the reconfig, some users had AOL 6.0 installed on their workstations and they were able to use (not thru a browser but actually using AOL software). Following the reconfig, the systems will not log on to AOL claiming a TCP/IP error/conflict. I spoke with AOL support (you guessed it - an Oxymoron), and checked all the Proxy Server settings, but I cannot get it to run. How did it work previously - the person who ran the network before had everything jerry-rigged and we are trying to move towards established standards and protocols. Any suggestions? Please HELP!!

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AOL 6 on Win98 PC to over NT Network?

by Rabbit_Runner In reply to AOL 6 on Win98 PC to ov ...

I am not certain how much help I can give you. But here is what I have learned.
1. I consider AOL (any version) a virus
2. AOL 6.0, when installed, changes some windows operating system files. It replaces those files with ones of it's own. One ofthose files is wsock32.dll. I know that there are others but am not able to remember which ones.
3. I am certain that there is some site on the NET that will tell you which files are replaced.
4.BUT, I do know that AOL, when installed on computers used on a LAN, Will mess up the network connections for that computer. I have seen it time and time again.

Here are my suggestions...
A. Remove AOL from the infected PC's
B. Determine which files have been replaced by the install of AOL and replace them with the original windows files (I think there are about 4 or 5 files)
C. If you are unable to get this to work, then the only known remedy (that I know) is to re-install windows.

Lots of Luck

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