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AOL Browser/Proxy-502 Connection Hangup

By brandis ·
My server is configured with the following:

IIS 5.0, ASP, Access Database, W2K Server

The problem is when people try to access any of my .asp pages via the AOL browser that they get some version of a "502 Connection Hangup" error, or "502 Connection Time Out" Error. .htm type pages display fine in both IE and AOL.

Also, the same exact .asp URLs that DON'T WORK in the AOL browser work fine in using an IE 5.0 or IE 6.0 browser.

I'm guessing that my IIS 5.0 isn't configured properly but I'm at a loss as what to try now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by abubin In reply to AOL Browser/Proxy-502 Con ...

I do not see any difference with AOL browser with IE5/6. Infact if I am not mistaken AOL browser is actually based on IE core.

Basically, here are some of the ideas I might have.

If you have proxy server, try checking on the option to disable usage of proxy when using LAN sites.

Unless you are connecting via internet instead of LAN then you need the proxy.

Also, bear in mind that Access will be slow once more than 3 person are accessing it at the same time. Also depending on the efficiency of your ASP codes.

The most dreaded of all is that ASP just plain sucks. It is slow. So slow that it will timeout your clients. Of all my browsing experience, you see this timeout problem only with ASP servers. Maybe you need a faster server and more memory.

If possible, try using Apache with PHP and mysql. You won't believe how good this combination are and how fast it is.

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by brandis In reply to

I downloaded and have installed the Apache, PHP, mySQL combination that you suggested and I'm going to purpose that route. My shopping cart is written all in ASP though; however, that's a great suggestion. The proxy I'm referring to is the proxy that all AOL users are forced to use.

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by brandis In reply to AOL Browser/Proxy-502 Con ...

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