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    AOL Chat Virus?


    by richv ·

    A colleague of mine who is a regular AOL Instant Messanger (AIM) user noticed that her mouse cursor is moving around the screen without touching the mouse. Someone told me that her computer was probably infected from running AIM. Is there a remedy for protecting a computer besides Not to run AIM.

    Also, what’s the Best way to eradicate the “virus” (hopefully she won’t have to reinstall Windows NT.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.


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      AOL Chat Virus?

      by phinaddict ·

      In reply to AOL Chat Virus?

      Is there any virus protection softare loaded on the computer? I suggest trying Norton Antivirus. It sounds like a trojan where someone has installed a client on the computer and has the ability to take control. Look in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Something should be running there that isn’t supposed to be. Be careful though because sometimes they are named tricky like windll.exe

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      AOL Chat Virus?

      by al macintyre ·

      In reply to AOL Chat Virus?

      When you are on AOL use keyword UPDATE to get to a set of forums associated with problems of AOL users … there are several known trojan horses & other proglems that infect AOL users for which there are known remedies.

      There are several versionsof Windows for which AOL does not work right & AOL has no intention of fixing because of some beliefs regarding what their customers want, but there are also known work arounds.

      We use PC Anywhere pretty heavily where I am the MIS manager & I have instructed the folks involved not to be dialing into the corporate data bases during the time frames that I run dedicated stuff like backups & roll-ups, but they do check status & lock up our nitely jobs, so I walk around to their PC & take over control from keyboard & mouse & tell them what the deal is & if I do not get cooperation, I power the client off from the server.

      This scenario has everything to do with corporate culture & nothing to do with a virus.

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      AOL Chat Virus?

      by tysonmathews ·

      In reply to AOL Chat Virus?

      NETBUS or BACK ORFFICE Trojan.
      GOTO and download there demo virus program or all her info will be takin, well actually I am sure it is. Your friend needs to change her passwords and credit card numbers if she has bought anything onlineand yes her ISP password to log on or they are probly using her account to hack now and downloading her email too.

      Good Luck


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