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AOL Compatability

By hrcsort-xp ·
I have been tackling a problem for a client who has been having difficulties with his Wireless DSL Modem/router and certain websites. Notably the microsoft update website.

Having called microsoft and getting stonewalled since it is an OEM version of Windows - which they don't seem to support - the PC manufacturer and his ISP [AOL], we decided to use the modem provided by AOL in place of the router. Hey presto, it worked.

Thinking that it was a problem with the router, I checked it out using my ISP - no problem with the router.

I now see that the particular make and model of router are - 'not 100% compatable with aol'.

Now the question. What are aol doing differently to the rest of the world which would make a router incompatible with there service? Why are they doing it? Are their any routers which are compatible? What can be done to get aol to correct this incompatibility?


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by sgt_shultz In reply to AOL Compatability

i don't exactly know why some routers work. you need to call aol tech support and get them to sell you the router. sorry.

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by darrynmarr1979 In reply to AOL Compatability

could be that the settings on the router are set to get dns from your modem, or maybe some ip thing, like it being static instead of dynamic,
bit weird ur prob

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by wlbowers In reply to AOL Compatability

Check the routers makers website for flash updates.

Aol has issues with a lot of hardware.

AOL writes their own rules. They require the world to come to them.


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Why AOL Is Different

by g4theweb In reply to AOL Compatability

I've noticed that AOL IS different than other isp's the reason for this I found is that AOL's Browser is very different from say 'Internet Explorer', how is it different? Well, there are cookie issues and proprietary security software inherent in the AOL Browser and I guess AOL's attitude is "it's our browser we can do to it what we please'!

My experience has been that many features inherent in most browsers such as video-play capabilities and download/install functions are often restricted through the AOL Browser and I find myself closing out of the aol browser and hitting the big 'E' (Internet Explorer). It's just one more thing WRONG with AOL.

Hey AOL come on guys ketchup with the rest of the computer world!!

Finally, with regard to the router/modem having a direct issue with an isp, the first place I'd look for some problems would be with the 'Firewall'. If the Firewall is ruled out, I'd clean out the cookies, temp int files, and set all browser security settings to default on the IE toolbar under 'Tools' 'Internet Options' on the 'Security' 'Privacy' & 'Advaned' tabs.

If all that fails do the typical modem/router ip repair in 'Connections' of the Control Panel and also pull the plug on the modem 20 seconds put plug back in.. these things might help.. if not put on some good boots and kick it out the window.. jk of course! keep smiling :)


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