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AOL Holdouts?

By XnavyDK ·
Does anyone still have any AOL holdouts?

I have a couple guys, one happens to be A VP, and the other the Owner... They still think they need AOL to get anything done on the internet. When I try to explain to them they can use the internet outside of the AOL Desktop... well, I don't do that anymore. And when WAOL locks up and doesn't let them shut down their Win 7 machine they don't want to hear that AOL is the problem. //sigh I'm glad I still keep my hair short from the Navy days or I would pull it out.

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NPR had a radio story on them Monday.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to AOL Holdouts?

They're trying to get themselves back in the market. They still have a few million dial-up customers.

I'm guessing you have additional problems with these two users outside of their choice of ISP.

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they dont

by XnavyDK In reply to NPR had a radio story on ...

use them as an isp, they use our lan connection. They work inside of the aol "desktop" to do their internet stuff, surfing, and the like, just like regular aol back on the dial up days. WAOL locks up windows 7 shut down it appears. shut down the waol service, Win7 shuts down no problem. Aol also does the "are you sure you want to disconnect" and retries even tho the pc is trying to shut down. Its rather annoying!

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I only have 2

by Tink! In reply to AOL Holdouts?

that use AOL and thankfully its only the Messenger. Since their family uses AIM to keep in touch they have it here at work too.

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