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    AOL Home Networking


    by slap_stick2000 ·

    I cannot get other computers on my network to use my AOL broadband connection. I have managed to share the connection and get the other computers to see it, but when it connects AOL seems to use its own protocol, not the one that’s shared. Any ideas as to how i can bypass this AOL problem, has anyone had the same problem and did you find a way around it?? Thanks

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      yep. aol uses its own ‘protocol’ alright. what version are you using? same on all machines? what router are you using? buy it from AOL? get a linksys on your own because their website said it would work with aol? untrue. first off, in order to connect to aol on your shared ‘broadband’, the other machines will need aol browser installed, also. you may find that other browsers (netscape, ie) won’t work even after you establish a connection via the aol ‘dialer’. you can get it all working if the router is compatible with aol and with your version of aol, by modifiying the connection type in your Location settings. on the machinge that works, which i am betting is the one connected to the dsl/cable modem, connect to AOL and type keyword Home Network. that action actually modifies aol configuration files on your computer. it will add a new Home Network option to your connection in you location. both items in there should read Home Network. if you can get the others on-line then, have them do the same. if this doesn’t work, let us know
      it is broadband, but not ‘always up’ with aol. still have to ‘dial’. sheesh

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