AOL user does not receive Outlook invite

By jibjab8 ·
I am an AOL user and I receive meeting invitations from Outlook users. I received them fine until my Outlook sender moved to 10.0. Now I get the email but there is no When/Where info attached.

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Check your AOL spam filters,

and your Spam folder...AOL sometimes gets "aggressive" and filters any attachment.
You may need to be sure you have your "senders" in your Address Book so that
their emails are not sent to the Spam folder.
Outside of this, you could request that your Outlook contacts put the information
about where/when etc. in the actual body text of the email.

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Reponse To Answer

by jibjab8 In reply to Check your AOL spam filte ...

thanks - but its not a spam issue since i get the message but the when/where lines are missing. This was not a problem with Outlook 2007. Just started with Outlook 2010.

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Another thought...

what "format" are the sender sending these emails? I mean, are they in "plain text"
or HTML? If they are sending HTML, might check your AOL Mail preferences???
Also, have you used the web interface to check your AOL mail? I do that most of
the time now...point your web browser to, you might want to use
the "basic" interface, it seems "cleaner" and faster to me. I haven't fired up the AOL
desktop software in a long time. I've also got Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail
setup to grab my AOL mail if needed.

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AOL user does not receive Outlook invites

by jimcounsel In reply to AOL user does not receive ...

I am having a variation of the same problem as the original question. In my case I moved to Outlook 2010, and my sender is using 2007. Only invites from this one particular sender come in blank.

I use AOL through browser not through Outlook.

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