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By cat1service ·
This is one of those voodoo apps when working with small business networks that makes me shudder. Well, I got a call to go in and remove what turned out to be 7 downloader trojans and 1000+ spyware components on a windows me machine with AOL. Well just when I got it all removed, I loged on to aol to let it sit for a while and see if I get the popups spawned and guess what? It got to the step 4 authentication stage and did a little authenticating and kicked me off. So I reinstalled it...Installation had a bunch of kinks I worked out and got it to detect the modem. When I told it what area code I lived in, it went to go find my numbers for me. Well it couldnt find any numbers and went back to ask me what my area code was again like I didnt freakin know it in the first place!!!!

Does someone on here know aol that can point me in the right direction? I called tech support and was on the phone for 45 minutes before I just hung up.

I am an aol moron because...well its actually too user friendly for me and in my experience the damn thing is like a wrecking ball to operateing systems especially one as corruptable as Window ME. There must be 5000 or so registry entrys of aol and it just scripts the doodoo out of device manager, network adapter properties, and user profiles.

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You live in the wrong country

by jardinier In reply to AOL!!!!

I have been using AOL ever since it was introduced in Australia about 7 years ago. It was version 4 then and is now up to version 7 in Australia, with technical support still available for versions 5 and 6.

The primary two reasons I have stayed with AOL are ease of initial connection and readily available technical support. In Australia we have a single national number which is the cost of a local phone call from anywhere in the country.

Telephone tech support has been available 24/7 for many years now, and except at particular busy times of the day, I usually get to speak with a real person immediately. During busy times I may have to hold for 5 minutes at most.

It is true that the software needs reinstalling from time to time. However this is a blessing as AOL works with it's own connection to IE. Currently IE 6 is dysfunctional on one of my computers and cannot be uninstalled (Win 98 SE). I can receive but not send emails with OE 6.

So if it weren't for AOL it would be a complete reformat and reinstall -- not an acceptable option given the number of programs on this particular computer.

I used to sell refurbished computers and always gave my customers AOL because invariably they just had to insert the disc, follow the on-screen instructions, and bingo -- they were connected to the internet.

Apparently I am the only person in the world (or maybe the known universe) who has been running ME on one computer for more than 4 years without a hiccup, and likewise AOL has never needed reinstalling on that computer.

None of this is of any help to you of course, but I thought you should know that AOL is not only a viable alternative, but actually a preferred alternative in my situation.

My only beef with AOL is that I can't use a tricky password.

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by cat1service In reply to You live in the wrong cou ...

Yeah, I just kinda wish that it would allow you to enter a manual number if it cant find any. The guy had like 5 listed in his dialer. It would have been nice to manually enter one of those numbers and try to connnect. I have worked on quite a few computers with aol on them, and they all seem to have copious amounts of spyware and they advertise all of their anti spyware features.

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Which version of AOL?

by jardinier In reply to

Probably you have Version 9 in the States.

While in Australia AOL 7 automatically finds the national number during connection, it is quite simple to manually insert a phone number on version 7.

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ME and AOL

by Choppit In reply to AOL!!!!

It's problems like this that got me interested in IT in the first place. Back in '99 when I bought my first PC I experienced problems using my ISPs setup 'wizard', gave up on their tech support and decided to sort it for myself. So here I am 6 years later with a career in IT.

You can probably move to a DSL connection for little more than the current cost.

Windows ME *and* AOL is quite possibly the worst combination you could possibly have. Time to upgrade and change ISP.........

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Not a good mix

by antuck In reply to ME and AOL

I shutter at the calls involving Win ME and AOL. Especially, it seems everytime you disconnect from AOL it needs to update itself. It is generally right after the update that AOL no longer is able to connect. And then the customer says why don't we call AOL tech support. Andy starts running then.

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by Garion11 In reply to ME and AOL

You nailed it. AOL and ME is like mixing Oil and water.

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