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    ap and waps

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    Are ap and wap the same thing. I know that they are referring to access points but often times you will see the term wap or ap. I’m trying to learn how to install these devices. I’ve googled but the problem as usually is that many different things come up. Between I’m guessing the various manufacturers, I’m wondering if it’s different or is it all pretty much the same. I’m thinking the access point or wap or whatever you call it is just an extension of the signal. I have a router/ switch/modem in my house for internet. The Wi-Fi broadcast the ssid and you can connect devices to it laptops, iPad, iPhone etc. I’m assuming it’s the same thing with these commercial routers made by cisco and juniper. They broadcast the ssid that users connect to. Here’s where a lot of confusion comes in. To extend the signal wouldn’t you need to know the password of the existing Wi-Fi to configure the access point or is it that not needed? I would think that it shouldn’t be needed because I’ve seen where techs /contractors have gone into stores and setup these things. The main password if it’s anything like my home router is usually stored inside of the router configuration. I can’t see how these techs would have access to the Wi-Fi password because most of the time those things aren’t shared to everybody.

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      It’s an access point. If you want to use different names depending on how it is connected to the router (with an ethernet cable or with WiFi) feel free to do so.

      You install devices by doing what the installation guide/manual says. If you know enough to understand what it says, there’s nothing more to learn before you do it.

      And for the WiFi password needed: I’m sure the company will give it to the tech they hire if he needs it to do what’s he’s paid for. He is not “everybody”, he is hired. Like you give the key of your car to garage tech if you bring it in for a repair. No need to worry.

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