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Apache in Failing!! Help

By coderoyal ·
Hi everyone,

As a student project at our High School, I have a server which I can host services from. Upon learning about the advantages of MYSQL and PHP, I immediately tried setting up a Linux server with Apache with PHP, but due to a known bug with Mysql and Redhat 8 (plus since I was using it as a server, they wanted me to buy a business based support solution), they wouldn't support me.

So I returned to Enterprise. I tried installing the PHP tools for IIS, but it took down IIS altogether. So I installed Apache for Windows (2.0.43), PHP (4.4 DEV), and MYSQL (1.4).

Actually, everything has been working great for a while! We were able to use message boards, guestbooks, and other tools written for PHP.

For some reason though, users aren't able to access any hosted sites on the server after a period of a few hours. I don't understand why! I do know that we get a total of 9,000 visitors daily, and 200,000 hits, so it get's a lot of traffic. (hosts a Harry Pottersite at But I know Apache should be able to handle this. My last option is to go back to IIS, but I'd lose the benefit of PHP, Mysql, and much more.

Does anyone know from experience what I should check first in Apache, or how I can keep it online?

I can confirm the issue is related to Apache, since restarting the Apache service solves the problem. Basically, after a short while, users trying to connect to any hosted sites don't get a response. When I find it's down, I telnet in, and see concurrent connections (usually around 300).

Does anyone know what in Apache is causing this, and how I can configure it to handle more traffic?

The server is maintained by students, like me, in our town at the high school.

Thank you!,
Alan Owen
Student Computer Technician
Hermon School Department

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