Apache Server and IIS server on same Server

By gayani.edirisinghe@gmail. ·
Dear All,
Apache and IIS servers can run on same server under same IP address using different ports. I did it and working properly in locally. but it is unable to even browse for the web site run on Apache server remotly. I'm using port 80 for IIS and port 8080 for Apache.
Please guide me to make both my sites to work properly. and if there are any other options please let me to study and apply those.

Thank you
Gayani edirisnghe

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Port 8080

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Apache Server and IIS ser ...

Are you using the URL http://aaa.bbb.ccc:8080/ to browse the Web page hosted on Apache? I mentione the abc's as I donot know either your IP address or the Doamin Name, if any. Please replace the aaa.bbb.ccc while browsing with your elevant IP Address or Domain Name and see it is visible remotely. Please let us know the status.

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why not host headers?

by CG IT In reply to Port 8080

you can host multiple web sites using only 1 address if you use host headers.

Apache uses virtual hosts, IIS host headers. That way, you aren't running a virtual machine be it apache or IIS inside a web server running apache or IIS.

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Host header

by gayani.edirisinghe@gmail. In reply to why not host headers?

I haven't much experience on web publications and developing. So please let me to know, How can I do this host heading and virtual host. please give me clear steps
Thank you very much

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Apache Server and IIS server on same Server

by gayani.edirisinghe@gmail. In reply to Port 8080

Thanks for the information and I tried on the method you have mentioned. But locally it is ok. But remotely unable to browse
Thank you

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Worked fine for me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Apache Server and IIS ser ...

Firewall may be. Port 8080 blocked

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that is

by Jaqui In reply to Worked fine for me

usually the problem.

and some isps block port 80

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Mine was internal

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to that is

I did the initial work for investigating setting up a wiki for a project.

I do have this vague memory of having to allow a port through the windows firewall, so my collegaues could have a play.

XAMP and WordPress if I remember right....

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