Apache Tomcat behavior with internal workstations

By netwrk_admn ·
I'm stumped. We currently run Apache Tomcat, on a W2K3 machine in our DMZ, separated by a PIX firewall.

Since as long as we can remember, our websites take on average 15 seconds to populate the homepage of each site we host to internal workstations - but from the outside it is quick, within 3 seconds all content is loaded. As far as I can tell, there are no load balancers or traffic prioritizations on the PIX (is it even possible?).

I've ran a packet sniffer on the server and client stations, and although the web sites conduct a 'Moved Temporarily' response twice (due to scripts and redirects), it goes quickly for the outside clients, but internal clients seem to need to ALWAYS send retransmits while handshaking, usually directly before the redirects.

This is occuring on HTTP and HTTPS sites and we have a test server internally, same version of Tomcat, that responds quick to internal workstations. My next step is to place a packet sniffer on the PIX to see if that's holding up something.
Any suggestions to go from here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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