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Sorry for the double-post. This was meant as a question...

I mange the network for a community of roughly 40 people, spanning 3 buildings and several floors. I currently have each major part of the site set up with a wireless access point, each with the same SSID.

I knew that it wasn't as simple as setting all the SSIDs to match to get roaming coverage, so when I started getting complaints about the wifi being jerky in some areas, I wasn't shocked.

So then my network guru told me I needed to set each point to a different channel. Problem solved! I thought.

Well the same people are still reporting the same issue, namely that they are on the wifi, the machine is stationary, and after some time (let's say an hour) they either lose the connection or get no actual bandwidth. After turning their wireless off and then on (not sure how many are mac users and how many are simply disconnecting and reconnecting), they are back on.

Is the multi-channel trick not a solution for machines in overlap areas? Can anyone suggest what else I should be investigating? (Since it's not happening to everyone on the same WAP, but it is happening to people on separate WAPs, I'm hoping it's safe to guess that the source isn't hardware failure).

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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More Details, if interested

by crazytonyi In reply to Apartment wifi network

[Cable Modem][Wireless Router (DIR 625)]
| | | |
switch switch switch switch
| | | | |

Also on the above switches are wired connections. there are two waps on one switch, as one handles the upstairs residents, and the other handles the commons areas (kitchen, dining room, living room, etc.)

Any other details needed I'll do my best to supply.

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