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Apogee Database - How to view the database structure, tables, fields?

By matrix1000 ·
I have to work with an Apogee database but I cant seem to figure out how to view the database structure, tables or fields. I'm looking for a tool or a way that will allow me to view the structure to see which fields I can pull data from.

I'd like to connect to it with VB6 or VB.Net but I cant seem to find out how to connect to it exactly. I do have an ActiveX dll that was provided to me by a vendor but I'm not sure how I would view the entire contents/tables/fields of the database. I also have an example database and it looks like the files are in pairs like...ABC.DAT and ABC.IDX

I believe that the Apogee database is a product of Binary Research Incorporated Ive tried to contact them but it seems they are out of business. Ive searched google for information regarding the Apogee database but I think its so old that there isnt any.

Thanks for any information.

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Apogee table structure

by smilermtl In reply to Apogee Database - How to ...

Every data file (table) must have three files (if the table is indexed)

1) .DAT : The actual data file (plain TXT !)
2) .IDX : The index file used by their internal DB engine
3) .FID : (File item descriptor). This file contains the field names and index name.

To view the content of a FID, you have to use their DOS utility BW.EXE (binary workstation) by using "BW -f ABC.FID" and you will view the content of the file.

I know binary research developped some windows application to view FID files and some odbc driver.

They are not out of business, you may reach them via their web site @

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