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App access to a W2K dir/share user can't

By jblastic ·
I wrote a VB program for our Digital Photo Archive. It allows death investigators to assign pictures taken at a death scene or during an autopsy, etc. to case files. We want the application to be able to write from the digital camera media to a secure directory that only a few can access, but anyone should be able to input the photos to this secure directory.

Those of you that are familiar with Novell and Zen Works know that you can create an NDS Application object that has rights to directories and files that the user would not have rights to outside the application.

If I was programming for a Windows Peer to Peer setup, I could just share the directory with a password that could be "hard coded" in my program to map the directorylike so:
shell("net use R: PhotoDir Password") and then access the photos using the share.

Unfortunately the files I need my app to access are on a W2K Server. The users are on Windows 98 workstations. The Windows 98 NET USE command does not allow a username as a parameter as the W2K NET USE command does.

I downloaded countless Platform SDK files and ADSI files, etc. I found nothing that would allow my app to supply a logon to a directory.

Now my program saves the files to a directory that everyone has access to and then another program on a computer with a user called "photo" that has WR rights to 2 directories moves them to a second directory that is secure. I thought of using the FTP server that comes with W2K, but it also uses W2K USER authentication for access to directories. Also .. to my dismay, W2K does not allow you to create a directory that has only Write, modify, create and file scan rights. -- How can I program - in either VB or C++ an Application to have access rights?

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App access to a W2K dir/share user can't

by jblastic In reply to App access to a W2K dir/s ...

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App access to a W2K dir/share user can't

by Hedgehog In reply to App access to a W2K dir/s ...

The only way I see is to create some service
(in NT/W2K sence) that holds control over
this directory and checks which process
trying to write there. I'm nearly sure that
it must be create on driver layer, but I'm
haven't browsed DDK deep enought to describe
you exact steps.

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App access to a W2K dir/share user can't

by Shanghai Sam In reply to App access to a W2K dir/s ...

I don't have a clue to programming services or why such a complicated mechanism is necessary to do something that is quite easiely done on Novell networks. There must be an easier way to do this. I'm sorry, but you are the second person to tell me I need to write a service. That doesn't help me unless you also tell me where I can find information on how to do that.


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