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    by damir450 ·

    Currently running latest Xamarin version for mobile app, backend is .NET. Also have a web-app that syncs with the mobile app. We are planning a full UI revamp with minor feature enhancments and have been pushed to rebuild in React/Flutter. Reasons given for this include:
    xamarin being phased out
    React more efficient to code
    Xamarin incompatibility with the new designs (which is not believable tbh)
    All we care about is the efficiency of build and strong long-term, scalable solutions. We care about compatibility with third parties (like Google cal) but overall, the app is very simple (it does not have any heavy development features like video streaming, chatting, etc).

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      Why not Maui?

      by rproffitt ·

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      I’m reading among others because it claims to be backward compatible.

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      app dev

      by nilesh.shivtechnolabs ·

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      Considering your need for efficiency, scalability, and compatibility, transitioning to Flutter could be a strategic move. Consult a reputable Flutter app development company for expert guidance and seamless migration. They can help ensure a smooth transition while optimizing the app’s performance and maintaining third-party integrations.

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