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    App Development Tool Recommendation


    by zknight222 ·

    I am tasked with creating a pilot app to be used by the medical department at my school as a service learning project. This app doesn’t need to be perfect, just something that my teacher can use to pass on to other students afterwards. I have the most experience with HTML, but some java and php as well. This app is going to take in user input regarding past medical information and give them an appropriate doctor recommendation at the end. Basically, it will take in yes/no questions and display a result at the end. Cross platform would be proffered.

    I am asking for recommendations on which software/language would be the easiest for someone with little experience in this area. I tried to begin this with Xamarin, but wasn’t making much progress. Any help is truly appreciated.

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      tools recommendation

      by deborasumopayroll ·

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      PhoneGap is a free framework for mobile app development that has a large community of developers for assembling new codes and modules. This improves the quality of the apps built. It has an Open Source License and works in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It supports plug-in architecture that helps developers to extend the functionality of the mobile application.
      Sencha Touch offers a higher level of responsiveness for mobile application and this helps to improve customer satisfaction. It offers an ability to use it through the touch of fingertips rather than the mouse or key helping to create easy-to-navigate apps. It is an effective tool for developing native apps that save a lot of time of development.
      Unity Ads
      Unity is one of the renowned game development platforms allows publishers to integrate video ads into mobile games. It offers the highest Average Revenue per User the way it increases player engagement with the mobile app.

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      Mobile App Development Tools

      by smith987 ·

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      Application development tools play an important role in the fate of a mobile app, it is advisable to choose the tool after a rigorous research process.
      Top 5 Mobile App Development Tools
      1. Xamarin
      2. Sencha
      3. Appcelerator
      4. Ionic
      5. Framework 7
      Before you venture out to seek the best mobile application development tool for your project, create a set of your requirements and compare it with the features of the tools

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