App trys to install on boot

By pktimmy ·
HP Photosmart Esentials keeps trying to install when I boot up. It's already installed.
It came with the software for my HP 3-in-one (F2240)
I've tried cleaning out the registry using CCleaner, Auslogics registry cleaner, and the registry cleaner in Revo Uninstaller.
It's frustrating because it asks for the install disc, but when I put the disc in and browse to the requested .msi it won't accept my input so I just have to keep hitting cancel until the prompts dissapper.
This is terrible.
I'm running Windows Home Premium 64-bit on an HP Computer that that was new in December.

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Occurs to me

by santeewelding In reply to App trys to install on bo ...

Since I have an HP F380, the install disc, and all the crap it means, that: did you unplug or turn off the printer -- orphan it -- when you ran all those heavy-hitting utilities? (I rely on them, too)

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Good idea

by seanferd In reply to Occurs to me
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Aside from checking the HP support pages for your products,

by seanferd In reply to App trys to install on bo ...

or contacting HP for personal support (everything here is an HP product) I have two suggestions.

One, after canceling, initiate an installation yourself. It may not have properly installed, or an update broke something. Since the device software is running at startup, startup would also be when it would try to fix any problems the app or driver thinks it has.

There may also be updated software or drivers you might want to get from HP and install (if you aren't getting automatic HP updates).

One reason the msi on the disk will not work may be that the software is looking for a newer version of the installation file. Do you get a specific error, or is it a case that there simply is no effect?

- You might also want to make sure that the actual MS Installer engine is working properly.

My second idea is that the software or an update has set a registry key to install something on startup, that the key was then not properly deleted, and your further install failures won't clear it either.

You can look in the registry at
to see if there is a key to start setup installation for the 3in1, and delete it. (Don't delete the regular startup key for the application, or you will find it missing from the system tray.)

You can use Autoruns to find and disable this if you don't want to use the registry. You would find these entries right under the Logon tab.

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