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By johnjr56az ·
in responce to the "What techs need to know today" article, I have this to offer. I'm appalled at the responces that declare the A+ cert as well as a few others obsolete! Yes, in many instances it is easier to replace a system rather than repair. But, now what happens when tech America become so unservicable that we lie useless by the side rotting like putrified dead meat? Every one wants evrything handed to them on a silver platter. They want it faster and simpler. They want it free, without charge or warrant.

I'm in my second year of Jr. College studing Computer Information Systems (CIS) as my major. A tech school would have been simpler, but what the heck would I learn? How to beat the system? Thats not me and thats not the policy I have tought my children. If you learn the hard way first, the easy road is all down hill from there. If you short cut your life now, What happens when thew world caves in on you? What tools, what basic survival skills have you learned to pull yourself up and out of the rubble? You have none! Thats what skills you have, None!

Even though I pump toilets for a living now, my dillema wont last for ever. I do have an AA in the HVAC world and I do have certs in residential and commercial wiring. In ther near future, I will also have the A+ as well as an MCSE Cert.

As far as those that oppose certs are concerned, a compadre of mine has put it in print everyone can comprehend. Most of those that condemn or show distaste for the certification is those that fear it the nost. "Mike" works in the DoD. Two of his three co-workers who incidentally pull down $55K annually, don't have the field experience to change a light bulb, yet they can pass a test if they study the right questions long enough. If we want to revamp the Certification programs in this country, then lets start by eliminating all of the recreants that wish to tarnish the faith of the technicians!!I say it's time to expose those deceivers, cons, and cheats and put them to the test!

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